There Are Liars Among Us

October 8, 2010
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I try on all these new clothes, and I hate them but I get them because I want these girls at school to see me, to know I’m there. I don’t wear these light colored clothes, and I hate the fact that I’m wearing them but I have to be noticed. I’m a high schooler, and I’m labeled as an “Emo Kid.” The girls that I want them to notice me are what I call “Preps” they wear all light colors they get their clothes from Hollister. Now me I get mine from Hot Topic or Spencers. These clothes feel like a new skin but I’m doing this so Maria and Stacy see me. I buy the clothes and go meet up with my boyfriend Robby I’m wearing one of my new outfits when I see Robby his eyes look like their going to shoot out of his head.
Robby says, “Oh My God Amber what are you wearing?!?!”
I say, “Oh nothing what you don’t like it?”
“NO it’s not the Amber I love or know! Why are you dressed like that?”
“I’m doing this so Maria and Stacy see me and want to be friends.”
“Why would you care if they wanted to be your friends you hate them.”
“Because Robby I do want to have friends.”
“But why them baby? Their nothing like you.”
“Don’t worry about it babe.” I kiss Robby goodbye and drive home.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow I hope this works!” I get around for school. I’m so excited. I put on one of my new outfits, and I change my hair due, and I even change my make-up! I go down stairs into the kitchen and my mom sees me.
“Amber you look very nice.” She only says that because she hates they way I usually dress.
“Um thanks mom I’m going to go to school now.”
“Have a nice day honey.” I leave the house and drive to school. I hope Robby’s not mad at me because I wont sit by him or talk to him if I see Maria and Stacy. I get to school and walk in, and of course I see Maria and Stacy right as I walk in and Robbys waiting for me near them. They see me and come up to me.
Maria asks me, “Are you a new student?”
I answer, “Um no.”
Stacy says, “We’ve never seen you around the school or in any of our classes.”
I answer, “Weird I’m in two of your guys classes.” I look over at Robby he looks mad and walks away. I feel so bad.
“Well I’m Maria.”
“And I’m Stacy.”
“Hi I’m Amber.” We walk into the cafeteria together, and I sit with them at their table, we start talking. I look at my old table and Robbys over there and he’s all by himself. Then I realize Maria’s asking me a question.
“What? Sorry I was spacing out what did you say?”
“ I was saying did it hurt when you got those piercings?”
“Oh no it didn’t hurt that much when I got my snake bites.”
“Oh my god look at the loser sitting over there all by himself hahaha.” I look to see what Stacy’s talking about and she’s talking about MY BOYFRIEND. I can feel my face going red and I clinch my fist together. I don’t see Robby all day.

I text him “Baby I’m sorry I didn’t come say hi to you or talk to you all day are you mad at me?”
He answers, “I was hurt when you ignored me and didn’t talk to me but I’m not mad at you.” I reply back, “Ok I had to know, I love you Robby.”
He answers, “Ya and I love you too.”
It’s been a couple weeks now and everything’s going great! Today im going to go see Robby at the mall, and I’m dressing in my old clothes because he hates my other clothes. I text him, “I’m on my way.”
He answers, “Ok.”
I drive to the mall and go to the spot where Robby and me always meet up by the water fountain. I see him waiting I run to him and give him a hug and kiss.
He asks me, “Are you hungry?” I answer “ Just a little bit.”
He answers, “Do you want to grab a bite?”
“Mhmmmm sure why not hahaha.” He goes and buys two soft pretzels with nacho cheese.
“Here you go.”
“Thanks.” Out of the corner of my eye I see Maria and Stacy. I turn around hoping they didn’t see my face but it was to late they had seen it was me and they come walking over. Maria says, “Hi Amber what are you doing dressed like that and hanging with this loser?” Stacy says, “Oh my god! Now I remember you. Your that emo girl that was in my English class!”
Maria answers, “Wait what?”
“Ya Maria it’s her she’s Amber Savage!”
Maria says, “Oh my god it is eww we’ve been hanging out with a FREAK!!!!”
Robby is grinding his teeth together. He stands up and says, “Ok that’s enough you guys can call me a loser and all that crap. But you will not call my girlfriend a freak if anyone’s a freak here it’s you two! You guys walk threw the school thinking you’re all that but you guys aren’t!”
I say, “Robby its ok.”
“No its not ok Amber!”
Maria says, “Your rep is done at school!” And Maria and Stacy make my life at school heck for a little bit then it dies down and everyone forgets about it. And I learned from that. I don’t need to change for anyone to be liked. I have true friends who love me for me not for how I dress and act. And I’ll never change for anyone again.

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