But We're In Love

October 15, 2010
By AJ_18 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
AJ_18 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Jamie and Antonio met when they were freshman in college. They had sociology 101 together at 3:30pm to 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday. Jamie sat in the second row, eighth seat. Antonio sat in the eighth row, second seat. Jamie loved sociology and did great in the class, she was everyone’s go to girl when they had a question. Antonio, on the other hand, was not too crazy about sociology and did so-so in the class. However, it was a graduation requirement, so he needed to excel in the class. One Tuesday, he decided to come to class early, hoping Jamie would be there so he could talk to her about tutoring him. “Hey Jamie, I’m Antonio, I was wondering if one day we could meet up and you can tutor me.” Antonio said“Oh yeah, sure I can help you, um I’m free whenever so just let me know. Here’s my number.” Jamie said, while writing her number down on a piece of paper. Antonio called Jamie two days later. He told her that they can meet up Tuesday after class in the school’s café. That Tuesday, they met up and stayed in the café for about four hours, Jamie tutored, and Antonio listened. Then Antonio realized something. He realized after about two hours he understood more clearly what she was talking about; he just loved hearing her voice. Jamie’s and Antonio’s tutoring sessions went on for about two months every Tuesday in the café. As Antonio’s knowledge for sociology grew, so did his feelings for Jamie. A couple of months passed and Jamie’s and Antonio’s friendship got more serious. They would spend all their time together, sleepless nights and homework filled days. After their six month anniversary, Antonio told Jamie he wanted her to meet his family. Jamie was very skeptical because Antonio’s family was Indian and in their culture they were only supposed to date in their race. Jamie always joked around and said but I have Indian in me. The day came to meet Antonio’s family, and just as she’d expected they did not like her. After Jamie left, she overheard Antonio’s parents tell him their relationship was a disgrace and he can not be with Jamie. Although Antonio’s parents hated their relationship, he was not going to settle for their decision. Antonio and Jamie’s relationship continued. Their love for each other ran deeper than the deepest ocean; he cared for Jamie so much that he would risk his family for them being together. His family found out about his decision and disowned him. The last conversation Antonio has with his parents was full of rage, anger and resentment. “I love this girl mom and I do not understand why you just can’t be happy for me. This family is messed up, we left India when I was a baby and we’re still living off of their traditions and values. Love doesn’t have a race or gender, who you love is who you love and if you or the world can’t accept that, then that’s your lost not mine.” Antonio said. Two years later, Jamie and Antonio were still together and even though they couldn’t have a wedding, they had a commitment ceremony with their closet friends and Jamie’s family. They lived a comfortable life with one little girl and a dog. Even though Antonio’s family never accepted his relationship with Jamie, he was still happy because through everything they had been through Jamie was still right there by his side.

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