Midnight Strikes.

October 15, 2010
By missj15 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
missj15 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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As the cars turned tight into the farm of the Johnsons, the Simpson and Joe farmers were angry. They noticed how good the Johnsons farm was doing and wanted a piece of the profit. The tried all new weird things like: feeding the animals different way, planting the crops in funny and crazy ways, milking the cows while talking and rubbing them gently, but yet none of that seemed to work. So one day farmer Joe saw farmer Johnson on his farm, he walked over and said “Hey there farmer Johnson “farmer Johnson replied “Hi there Joe“Then he said what are you really selling over here?” Only joking, farmer Johnson said I’m selling what you’re selling. Maybe you should try to do better. This made Joe body feel with anger so he said “you have something coming your way”. While Joe stomped away Johnson didn’t think anything of it so he went on about his day. A few hours later, Joe decided to visit Simpson to tell him about what had happened. After Joe told Simpson the story the finals words were “Were taking down that farm”. They plotted and planned for weeks and when their idea was finished it was set to action. One cold midnight in October, Joe & Simpson met up and tiptoed to the Johnsons farm. The two pepped around the animals, but found nothing. Then they glance and they eyes got really big and they both murmured “oh god”. They hit the jackpot, then POW, POW. Their laid the two farmers on a pail of hay in the barn yard, bleeding. Behind them stood farmer Johnson smirking and mumbling “pity fools”. He dragged their bodies to a room and made them out of scarecrow and put them on his farm for show. And when the police searched they never found them.

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