the Innocent

October 13, 2010
By Prettygirl220 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Prettygirl220 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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The site of rush hour traffic; those rushing to catch the train, others roaming the street, car horns piercing through your ears, there’s no escape . The streets of the city, New York City, filled with unfamiliar faces, people from all over but each person has a story and beneath every eye lies a mystery.

Walking with a limp, a twitch in his neck, wild hair, dark, tall, cocky he stood roaming the streets daily. His name is Curtis he’s mentally ill, fear in his eyes as he walked the crowded streets; jittery as people passed by bumping into him, crunched down head low hiding underneath his pride . They walked pass, they stared, they whispered. It was because he was different, he thought he wasn’t normal like them, nor did he fit in or belong. Curtis was mistreated and belittled by those on the streets, causing him to be distressed so he used vengeance to vent his stress.

It was a beautiful, hot summer day. The city again filled with unfamiliar faces but some were recognizable to Curtis, like the beautiful blond who walks around in conceit with her nose held high in pity. Curtis knew he couldn’t stand a chance with her, he thought she was beautiful but the way she looked down on him led him to think otherwise. He stood up on the nearest corner leaning on the brick building admiring new faces. Catching his eye was a young girl with beautiful long silky honey blond hair, cheeks of a rose pedal, and a smile that would light up the sky.
Holding tightly onto her raggedy Anne doll she began to wander further and further away, losing site of her mother. Unaware of her surroundings she then felt the pull of two strong arms grabbing her body,in reaction trying to untangle herself,kicking,biting, her doll slips from the grasp of her embrace,attempting to scream but unfortunately it wasn’t loud enough,her voice than faded through his palms.

“Let me go, let me go!” she cried.
“Hush up now I tell you hush up”
He pushes her into an enclosed vacant building and in silence she cries, tears flowing from her eyes, her rose colored cheeks began to redden
“I want my mother please return me to her, please don’t hurt me” she pleaded.
“I warned you don’t talk or else”
In fear her eyes widened, tears washed her face, her nose sniffling, heart racing she didn’t know what to expect.

Back on the streets where she was last known for being seen, her mom panicking back and forth up the streets crying for help to find her dear child. People looked at her as if she was a wild woman and others supported the cause, soon police were involved searching the streets of New York City.
Her moms crying out for help from the nearest stores and stands and pass biers
“Hey! Mister can you give me two seconds of your time please this is an emergency; Have you came across a little girl around the age of eight years old with a raggedy Anne doll held tightly in her arms, she has grayish blue eyes, honey blond long silky hair, she’s wearing a red cap, a white
tank top, dark blue jeans, and sandals” she ‘s my daughter , my only child , her name is Mariah ,can you please do whatever you can or give any information that would help get her back in my arms.
“ wait here I .. I have a picture, you see she looks exactly as I described her “
“I’m sorry mme but, no I never seen her “
“Are you sure, jus take one more look “
“No, I’m positive. But if I see anything suspicious ill report it .
“Wait but ...But”
Her words slowly fading she felt as if her worst night mare had came to an reality.

Time began to pass and Mariah knew that the longer she was with him she was closer and closer to no longer being safe. Mariah knew something was wrong with Curtis mentally because of the way he talked and the way he would shiver as tears fell down her face, both in panic and fear he began to realize what he has caused.
“I didn’t mean it, no I didn’t mean to hurt you, and I don’t want to hurt you, Curtis, nice Curtis” he doesn’t mean to hurt nobody I promise”, Curtis cried
He finally let Mariah free she ran back to her mother in joy and tears of happiness embracing each other with love and thankfulness. And this time out of others the innocent survived, safe back into her mother’s arms without any cuts, bruises, or injuries. Curtis was sent into a home for the mentally ill and no longer able to walk the streets.

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