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October 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Oh my, what happened yesterday in the Blue lagoon party? My head hurts I think, like a big trailer hit me. I feel hungry; I most go to the kitchen that has a lot of frozen food.

I am a fifteen year old teen; I’m part of the richest families in the U.S. I am very intelligent say my professional highly expecting teachers. Girls like me and tell me I’m handsome and muscular and I want to have an ideal teen image.

I walk to the modern kitchen.

“Hi Josh,” my mom says.

“Hi mom,” I answered back.

“How was your party yesterday Josh?” Mom says.

“Awesome, why?” I answered.

“Just asking,” Mom says.

I think in my head, my mom is always getting on all my things. I love her but she wants to be cool with me, but what she does is bother me like diarrhea.

I walk away to my room leaving my mom alone. I need to do my hard homework. I won’t hang out today.
My phone rings many times.
“Hi Josh, want to hang out in my house with the babies?” Roddick my best friend says.
“Ok I’ll get there. Want me to bring some alcohol?” I said.
“No, I have enough alcohol” Roddick answer to me.
This homework sucks I think, how do I convert a decimal into a whole number? My math, I’m losing my gift in math. No! I can’t. I want my parents to be proud of me. I must continue in my advanced classes.
“Mom,” I say.
“Yes Josh?” My mom answer.
“Would dad and you get mad if I lower my grades?” I say.
“Do you have bad grades right now?” My mom says.
“No, I want to know what would happen if that happens,” I say.
“Josh, you must win the first place in all school classes,” My mom says.
“Don’t make us get disappointed. You have all you want. You live in the Aqua Towers, the most expensive and luxurious condominiums of Brooklyn; you attend the Ronald Howard High school the best education school and the most expensive.
My school is a big modern building made of windows and silver desks. It has large rooms with smart boards. I like it and my teachers are great with me.
My house is an expensive humongous condominium in Brooklyn. Is the penthouse of the Aqua building and my room is modern style.
“Ronald please take me to Roddick’s house,” I say.
“Hi babies and Roddick,” I say.
“Hi Josh,” Everyone answer me.
“You look handsome Josh,” Melanie says.
“Thank you! You to,” I say to her.
“Roddick pass me vodka with cranberry juice please,” I say.
“Yeah!” Roddick says.
“Melanie, like me new True Religion and Gucci belt?” I say.
“Cool,” Melanie answers me in a serious tone.
“Yeah, thank you. So I got to go bye!” I say.
Next day on school the math teacher ask to get out of my homework and every error I get I must rest two points; my teacher says. I was getting worse. I get a seventy one on the homework grade. No my grade will get lower. I have only this coming bimester to win the award I want.
Oh, I must go this Friday to Roddick’s house for the party. I must wear my exclusive Jean Brand True Religion of five hundred dollars and my Armani Exchange t-shirt so my big muscles as hulk can be worth by the girls. Crab! I also need to do my Science Fair Project. Well first the party then school.
Friday comes and I go to the party.
“Hey Josh, want some pot?” Roddick and a group of his friends ask me.
“No, of course not,” I say.
“Oh come on don’t be a little chicken, you want vodka or a jellowshot?” Roddick say to me.
“Vodka shot please,” I say.
Later on I got drunk and I start to puke in furniture and they take me out to the bushes. My girlfriend Erin comes to check me out. She thinks I have gone too far because in the last three parties I got drunk. I also have and addiction for hookah.
“If you don’t change, this will be over!” Erin says.
“No, please Erin don’t go babe please,” I say.
Erin goes inside the house with a long straight face with no funny sight, her eyes red as blood and throw the back yard door.
Next morning, I talk with my mom and dad. They were amaze that my teachers call this morning to my parents and tell them I had lower my grades and it seems I want to be cool and drink to be cool. They punish me.
“Hey Josh how are you?” Roddick says
“Don’t talk to me again! We are no longer friends,” I say
“But why?” Roddick says.
I go to my next class and leave Roddick alone.
Third bimester ended and I get my grades up to a hundred. My teachers call to my parents and congratulated them for my excellent job.
I felt really good; my relationship with Erin was great! I had never feel so great before since I got out of my head of being an ideal teen.
One day I decided to gain my friends again but with the idea to change their mind to make them stop drinking and do bad stuff. So I get courage to walk to Roddick’s table with his friends.
I feel dizzy, I felt nervously, I wish to turn back but I couldn’t because it would be obvious that I am walking toward their table. I finally get in front of the table and say:
“Hi guys. I want to apologize for leaving you alone but I needed a break to all the parties and get my grades up. Can I be your friend again?” I say.
A big silence on the table occurred like when the suspense part in a scary movie is about to take place.
After the gap of silence pass, my friends start to talk between them and I couldn’t stand one more second in front of them.
I turn back and start to walk.
I hear Roddick say:
“Wait Josh, didn’t you say you want to be our friend again?” Roddick speak.
“Well yes,” I answer.
“Welcome again Josh, we missed you!” Roddick says.
“I want to tell you that I felt better without drinking, getting drunk, and smoking or doing bad stuff, want you to quit with me?” I propose to all of them.
“Yes, we are going to quit,” Roddick says.
Later on my friends and I hang out together and we had great time as a baby has with a lollipop.
For the end of the school year, I get the best over all grades in all ninth grade and win the first place award.
My parents get proud and happy for me and they take me to a beautiful trip to Europe. I count my days for returning back to school.

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deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

Great job with this!! I love the little comparisons and the characters are awesome!


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