Rough Times in my life

October 12, 2010
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Well to start off I’m 16 right now, but in 2003 I was 9. In 2003 my mom was 24 when she had cervical cancer, and she had to go in radiation. She was sick, and I had to take care of my siblings: my little brother Louis was 5, my sister MariaLouisa was 3, and my littlest sister Barbara was 2. At the time we lived in Commerce City, Colorado in the Holly Park apartments. When my mom came home from the hospital she couldn’t walk or do anything, so I had to do it for everybody. I cooked for them and cleaned and always took care of my siblings. I was amazed and glad about myself because I was 9 and had to help out a lot. Plus the fact that I was a mom to my little sibling for a while when my mom couldn’t be.
When my mom was sick I helped her walk to the bathroom. One time she didn’t want me to help her, so she went by herself. She fell, and broke her tail bone. You could hear the thud from the kitchen. All she yelled was ALLIE! It sounded like a screech and then crying. I ran, and I didn’t know what to do. While she was freaking out I was too. I had to call the hospital and the ambulance came and got her. I stayed home to watch my siblings. My step dad was gone so we called him and my mom was in desperate pain for two hours until he got to the hospital. But then again he wasn’t around much and when he was we wish he wasn’t. He always beat on us ever since I can remember. Since the first time I saw him in my mom’s small creepy apartment room laying on her bed, I felt the bad vibe tingle all the way down my body.
When my mom got back it was even worse this time than the first. She couldn’t get up or do absolutely anything. The days went by slower than a turtle can walk. My mom was progressing well and she weighed like 125. That’s less than what I weigh now. Well later on my mom was in remission for 6 years, and then I found out that she has breast cancer like a couple months ago. She’s on medication, and the doctors said that she was doing well. I’m not so sure about how’s she’s doing now because she doesn’t seem to tell us a lot about that stuff. I wish she would at least tell me what’s going on because I worry about her a lot. But it was surprising because at a hard time like that we were all still fine and will be fine.
Everyone is different in some kind of way; everyone else is different because no one else can experience the other person’s life. I’m different because no one else knows and has experienced what I’ve been through. My mom thinks that I have the mentality of a 20 year old because I’ve been through so much and I was my sibling’s mom. It changed me a lot by becoming my sibling’s mom at a young age for a little while, and now I’m really protective over my family. I’m thankful for everything I get and everything my mom does for me, even though sometimes I don’t show it to her. To me she’s the best mom I could ever have. And I respect my mom a lot and I just want to let her know that I love her a lot.

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Macx14 said...
Oct. 15, 2010 at 5:52 am
Very wrenching since people can relate to cancer, but very well written! Good job!
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