The Monster on the Pedestal

September 30, 2010
I see him. I see him as he struts by me every day. Sending chills and goose bumps over my body. I see what no one else seems to see. I see him deep down to his very core. The inner works of a monster destroying hearts. Yes, I see everything. Everything I wish I could be blind to. I see his need and want to get what satisfies his sweet spot. His urge to bring others down and build himself up, higher and higher he goes. So high up in the sky and the clouds. Even the sun must sit lower than him. He looks down at the peasants. The ones he had to crush to get where he is now. He smiles and laughs. The fools who fell for his heartless words. What they should have known then...What such help it would have been. He stands above any authority. No one dares compare to him. For he simply is the all mighty. Could anyone dare be as charming or witty as he? Or as breath taking with god blessed handsome looks that girls swoon over? The tears make him grin from ear to ear. A tear is just proof. Proof he has power, control to make them all believe he is that true. But no one can see what I see. The fake, the phony before the world. A liar who shatters dreams, hope, and what we know so little of. Love. If only every girl, even few men, could see what I see. The monster standing on the pedestal.

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