A Mover's Tale

October 12, 2010
By jericonation PLATINUM, Princeton, New Jersey
jericonation PLATINUM, Princeton, New Jersey
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“No,” I stated defiantly, getting all in his face.

Brian looked taken aback. He quickly regained his predatory stance. “What did you just say, newbie?”

“Oh puh-lease, dude. Quit the tough act. We all know you have as much brawns as you do brains, which isn’t really much. Even I could take you.”

If the guy was p*ssed a few seconds ago, then he was absolutely fuming now. Good, I thought, Get him angry; get him to make the first move.

It was after school and Brian and his psycho buddies ganged up on me by the library, hoping they could have a little fun with the “new kid.” What they didn’t know was just how much experience I’d had with that.

“Alright, Trevers,” he sneered, “Let’s see how well you can back up your words.”

I high-fived myself mentally. Bumped up to last names on the first day. Must think I’m a threat.

I stood up straight with my arms crossed in front of me as Brian rolled up his sleeves and put his fists in front of his face.

I smiled mockingly. “Is this really how far it’s gone? You’re going to fight a girl?”

A crowd of spectator materialized around us, all eager to see a fight. We were now enclosed in a circle. I could see Brian’s eyes twitching here and there, the only sign of his anxiety.

Picking at one of my nails, I continued the torment. Three… two…. one….

I ducked my head just as Brian swung. The momentum of the strike caused him to stumble past me. Quickly picking himself up, he grunted and went in for another volley of punches and kicks as the crowd cheered. Of course, I dodged them all. Training with my mom did have its advantages.

Finally getting tired of running, I went on the offense. I grabbed Brian’s fist as it came flying in for a face plant and twisted it around his head until I had him pinned to the floor in a half-nelson. I put the toe of my Converse on his back in triumph and dug it in for good measure.

The kids around us were now silent all staring at me.

“Get the h*** off me or my mom’ll sue!” Brian squealed from the ground.

I leaned in close so only he could hear. “You struck at me first. I have witnesses. Try to pin anything on me and I’ll have you in juvy before you can even plead guilty.”

Eyes wide with fear, he nodded.

“Good.” I let him up.

Tuning to face the stunned crowd I said, “No worries people, this ol’ softie won’t ever hurt anyone, not even a fly.” I clapped him on the shoulder (a little harder than necessary) and gave him a meaningful glare.

Mustering as much dignity as he could after getting a whopping from a girl, he stayed silent, scowling back at me.

“Right?” I asked kicking him in the shin.

He winced and nodded.

“Good.” Casually moving past the crowd, who parted for me, I hopped on my bike.

As I pedaled “home” I heard Brian call over my shoulder, “This isn’t over, Trevers!”

“Keep telling yourself that!” I called back, laughing.

Bullies, you just don’t know what to expect.

The author's comments:
I've encountered many bullies in my short time here on Earth. Usually I just ignored them. But I wanted to see how it would be if I didn't ignore them, if I took a stand. I thought it would go something like this.

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GIRL POWER!! I always love reading stuff like this! Great job!

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