Starry Night

October 4, 2010
By Anonymous

On the first day of school, Star Nite climbed onto the bus as fast as she could so she could sit next to her best friend Shane. “Hey Buddy!” She said as she gave him a hug. ‘Hey Stari!” Shane said with great enthusiasm. Star was satisfied with the nickname Shane had given her the school year previous to this one. Shane was an art maniac. He was even more excited about going into the tenth grade because they had a new art teacher. “I heard that Mr. Smith, the new art teacher is going to take all of the sophomores on a field trip to Washington D.C. to go to an art museum!” Shane said, expressing the joy in his voice. That statement surprised star. She knew that Franklin High School never took field trips that far away. “Really? It’s a little far away, don’t you think?” Star asked confusingly. “Yeah, but its worth it.” He said.

When Star walked into art class, she couldn’t help but notice an interesting message that said, “please take a seat, we will begin our projects and start talking about our field trip to Washington D.C.” She starred at the board looking confused as she walked toward the empty seat next to Shane. “Isn’t it a bit early to be talking about field trips? I mean, it’s only the first day.” She said. “Maybe, but the sooner the better.” Shane said. “Alright boys and girls, have a seat please.” Mr. Smith said as the room became very quiet. “I want everyone to pick a partner to do the project with.” Star turned to look at Shane and they both nodded. There was no way they could work with anyone else. They had been best friends since pre-school. “Your assignment is to meet with your partner some time this week and write a report on your favorite artist.” Said Mr. Smith. “Van Gogh.” Shane whispered to Star with determination. Star then nodded. Van Gogh was Shane’s favorite artist. That is why he gave her the nickname, “Stari Nite”. Star never knew why he liked Van Gogh so much, but she did however enjoy the name that was given to her. “Now we need to talk about the field trip to Washington D.C. next month.” Said Mr. Smith. Shane’s head popped up enthusiastically. “We will be flying there on a plane and then we will have a bus take us to the hotel where we will stay.” Mr. Smith said. “I am passing out permission slips and I need them back by the end of the week.” Just a moment later, the bell rang and twenty-five kids scrambled to get out the door. “Do you want to come over tonight to work on the report?” Asked Shane. “Sure, I’ll see you on the bus.” Said Star.

As Star and Shane walked into his house, Shane rushed to his bookshelves and started flipping the pages of a large book about Vincent Van Gogh. “Tell me something.” Star said. “Why are you so interested in Van Gogh?” Shane looked disgruntled. “I don’t know, he was an interesting guy I guess.” He said softly. Star knew there was more to it than that but didn’t want to carry the conversation further. After they were done with the report, Star went home.

A month later, Shane was waiting n his car outside of Star’s house to drive to the airport for the field trip. “Hurry up Stari!” Shane yelled while honking his horn. “Alright, alright!” Star said while walking down her driveway. “What’s the hurry?” She said as she sat in the passenger seat. “We have like, two hours!” “I just don’t want to be late.” Shane said. The flight was long and the whole class was exhausted as the bus pulled up to the hotel. Shane shared a room with his friends, Matt and Jimmy, and Star shared a room with Sarah and Katie. Shane sat on his bead and read his book about Vincent Van Gogh. “Hey Shane, Is Star your girlfriend?” Asked Matt; plopping onto the bed. ‘What!? No! She’s just a friend!” Yelled Shane; surprised. “Oh, well you two act like you are together.” Said Jimmy laughing. ”Well, we’re not.” Shane said. Meanwhile, Star, Sarah, and Katie were having a similar conversation to the one Shane and his friends were having. “So are you and Shane dating?” Asked Sarah. “Absolutely not!” Yelled Star. “Well, it sure does seem like you are. He has a nickname for you and everything.” Said Katie. “He made that name for me in like, sixth grade.” Said Star angrily. “So, he still calls you that.’ Said Sarah. “Well, we’re not dating! End of Story!” Star said.

The next day, Star and Shane walked side by side as they entered the museum. Matt and Jimmy laughed at them and Sarah and Katie kept whispering to each other. Star and Shane knew that their friends were talking about them, but they really didn’t care. The class passed many paintings and sculptures, but the only pieces of art that Shane was really interested in were the paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Star followed Shane throughout the museum watching him stop and stare with his eyes as wide as freshly picked apples and she laughed at his reactions to each painting. “These paintings are amazing!” Shane said with great enthusiasm. “Yeah, they’re alright.” Said Star. “Just alright?” Asked Shane confusingly. “They’re alright in comparison to this one.” She said pointing to the one on the end. “Yeah, Starry Night is my favorite too.” He said with a big smile across his face. Then they both laughed. Suddenly the lights went out and Star jumped onto Shane and screamed, “Aaaaahhhhh!” “Chill out Stari!” He said. “Its probably just that the power went out or something.” Yeah, okay.” She said. They walked around looking for someone they recognized. They couldn’t find anyone they knew…. or anyone at all. “Um…Stari? I think they left without us.” Shane said worryingly. “I also think that the museum is closed.” “You think or you know?” Asked Star nervously. “What do you think?” He yelled jokingly. He then laughed at Star’s anxiety. “I don’t know what to think! Why are you laughing? We could be locked in this museum the entire night!” She yelled. “Just relax, okay? Pretty soon they will realize that they left us here and they’ll come get us.” He said trying to comfort her. “Okay, so what are we going to do now?” She asked. “Just sit and wait I guess.” He said. They sat down next to each other right under the Starry Night painting. “I’m gonna ask you something, okay?” She asked. “Okay.” He said wondering what the question was. “What is it you like so much about Vincent Van Gogh?” She asked. “Ugh. I already told you!” He groaned. “You know that wasn’t the truth!” She interrupted. “I guess its because I understand him.” He said. “Huh?” Said Star. “Its not that I understand him exactly…I just…understand the way he thinks.” He finally spat out. “Are you trying to tell me that you need to be put in a mental hospital?” She asked jokingly. “Ha ha, no, its just that he had a lot of problems and he expressed his feelings by painting and only he could understand what the paintings meant,” He said. “I see.” Said Star. “He also had a hard time finding a girlfriend, which is something I can relate to.” He said smiling. “I can’t see why, you’re a really good person, that’s why you’re my best friend.” She said while also smiling. “Thanks Stari.” He said. “You know Sarah and Katie think we’re dating?” She said. “Yeah, so do Matt and Jimmy.” He said. “Have you ever thought about it? Us dating?” She asked softly. “No, I think of you more like my sister.” He said. ‘Yeah, me too.” She said. Then there was another quiet moment. “Why do you call me Stari?” she asked randomly. “Because that’s your name.” He said; confused. “My name is Star Nite, not Stari Nite!” She complained. “I’ve called you that ever since we were like, eleven. I didn’t know you didn’t like it.” He said; upset. “I never said I didn’t like it, I just want to know why.” She said. “Because Starry Night is my favorite painting and you’re my favorite person.” He said. “Oh, well I happen to love my nickname. Thank you for giving it to me.” She said happily. “You’re welcome.” He said. They hugged and then they suddenly heard Mr. Smith’s voice from the main entrance. “Shane? Star? Are you in here?” He yelled frantically. “Yes, we are here!” Shane yelled as he and Star stood up. “Are you ready to go?” He asked. “Absolutely!” She said, relieved. “This was fun!” He said. “Yeah it was.” She said back.
The End.

The author's comments:
What inpired me to write this short story was the song "vincent" by Don Mclean.

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