When It's gone Your world Can't stop Chapters 3-4

October 1, 2010
By Escapethefate GOLD, GT, Maryland
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“Okay, you’re welcome.” I said as I got up and walked up my porch. I entered my house and the very cool AC hit my face. I sat down in my living room and turned on the TV. It was already 8:30 PM and I had school tomorrow so I had to go to bed soon. I sat down and watched an episode of “The Amazing Race”. Then I headed upstairs and put on my PJ’s. I stood there thinking for a minute. There was something special about Chris but I just didn’t know what it was. I didn’t really know him well, but I could just tell that there was something different about him. What really bugged me was how come I never noticed him before? I have never seen him walking in the hallway or even at lunch.
I went across the hallway to brush my teeth and came back to my room. I slipped inside my bed cover and laid my head down on my pillow closing my eyes. I was wondering what was going to happen tomorrow at school and whatever it was, I really hoped it involved Chris. My feelings were really blooming and I could feel my cheeks turn pink. So far, whenever he was gonna come up and talk to me, I knew my feelings would show through my cheeks. The only problem is I just didn’t want to grow obsessed with him. Since I was going through some tough times, I at least had something to get my mind off of it.
Chapter 4
My alarm went off at 5:50 am the next morning. I walked across the hall over to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and pee. I looked in the mirror. My brown wavy hair was all messed up and my blue eyes had bags under them. I walked back across the hall to my room and slipped on some new underwear and bra. Then I went to my closet and opened the door. I sat there looking at my closet to choose some good clothes since I was really excited to see Chris and I wanted to look my best for him. I finally made my decision and I chose a nice tight black and blue V-neck with nice tight blue denim skinny jeans. Then I walked over to my dresser and turned on the lamp that was next to it. I slowly applied blue eye liner and some black mascara. Then I put on a little bit of blush here and there to put some color in my face. I picked out some nice blue hoop earrings that were about medium size, and slipped them on my ears. I brushed my hair and took out my flat iron to straighten my bangs. I put my hair in a nice messy style and put up my bangs in a little arch above my head with bobby pins. Everything was perfect. I went to my underwear/bras and socks drawer and picked out my black ankle socks. I walked down stairs and in the hall way I could hear my sister using the bathroom.
My dad was already sitting down reading the paper and drinking coffee in his favorite mug. He looked up when he heard me arrive downstairs.
“Good morning sweet heart!” he said with his brightest smile.
“Hi!” I said smiling back.
“How did you sleep last night?” he asked.
“Like a baby.” I said sitting down at the kitchen table.
“Great. Breakfast will be ready in 5 minutes. Go and get your backpack ready for school.” He said.
“It’s all ready to go. I’m just going to choose my shoes for school.” I said walking over to the living room near the door. I opened the shoe closet and grabbed my blue Converse that were in the far left corner of the closet. Now my whole outfit matched which was a great way to start my “flirting” with Chris. I was so excited that I trotted all the way across the living room back to the kitchen. My dad was already putting down my bowl of cereal and my platter of eggs and bacon on the table.
“Why so excited?” he asked.
“Oh, nothing. I’m just happy to go to school to see my friends.” I half lied.
“Oh, yes I see. I loved going to school when I was young.” He said. “And to tell you the truth, the only reason I liked going to school was because I liked seeing my friends too!” he said whispering and winking at me. I chuckled.
“Oh so are you saying the next time I complain about taking a test, you won’t give me a whole speech about what a test is and how education is important?” I said swallowing my piece of egg.
“No I’m not saying that because that’s what dads are for!” he said laughing. I heard my sister come down stairs.
“Good morning!” she said smiling. She was wearing her neon pink polo, and a nice pair of regular jeans and pink hoops. My sister and I both loved hoop earrings.
“Good morning!” my dad and I said at the same time. My sister sat down and joined me for breakfast. My dad came out of the kitchen with 2 platters of the same thing I had. We ate for a couple minutes talking about what our week is going to be like and how many tests we have.
“HAHA! I HAVE NO TESTS!” he said laughing evilly. My sister and I both groaned with smiles on our faces.
“Well.” My sister said looking down at her watch. “It’s time to get going. It’s already 6:45.”
“Alright let me just put these dishes in the sink and you guys start putting on your shoes.” My dad said getting up and taking our plates.
“Okay thanks!” we both said. Sadie and I walked across the living room and put on our shoes. My sister was wearing her pink converse. By the time we were done my dad was already slipping on his sandals. He grabbed his coffee mug and we picked up our backpacks. My dad opened the door for us and we left. We walked over to the car and my dad unlocked it. I sat in the back and my sister sat next to my dad in the front.
5 minutes later my dad stopped right in front of the entrance of our school. My sister and I kissed our dad and came out of the car. My dad waved good-bye and drove away. We walked over to the front of the school and my sister’s friends called her name. My sister looked at me and gave me a big hug.
“Remember what I said okay?” she asked.
“Okay.” I said as she walked towards her friends at her table. Sometimes I always wondered whether or not Sadie felt as emotional as me. I began walking up the steps to the double doors when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and Chris was standing right there. My cheeks felt really hot and I was blushing like crazy.
“Hey, Caroline!” he said smiling his cute attractive smile.
“Hey!” I said smiling back.
“Can I walk you to your locker?” he asked looking into my eyes.
“Yea, sure.” I said as I continued walking. We kept on walking and we talked about what homerooms we had and turns out he doesn’t have the same homeroom as me because our last names were far apart. I stopped in front of my locker and looked at him.
“This is it! Thanks for walking me to my locker.” I said smiling my flirtiest smile.
“You’re welcome. My locker’s over there in case you ever need to know.” He said blushing.
“Okay, I will keep that in my mind.” I said fidgeting with my lock.
He started walking away and then he turned back and said, “Hey, umm, I was just wondering if…never mind.” He said blushing.
“No, tell me!” I said smiling again.
“Nah, nah, it’s not the right time yet.” He said grinning as he walked away.
“Oh my god! What did he mean by “Not the right time yet”? I thought to myself. I felt like screaming to the world. I wanted to run to my sister so bad and tell her everything but I knew I couldn’t. So, I opened my locker and shoved in whatever needed to be put in there. I took out my binder and my history text book. My mind was floating in thin air and it felt like I was in cloud 9. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Well, at least I know one thing; I was totally pressed over Christopher Hunting.

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This is the whole rest of the chapter 3 and the whole chapter 4.

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