These Questions Are Unanswered

October 6, 2010
It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. Far too long of a time, if you ask me. But who would ask me? Definitely not you. I’m not here to criticize you though. All I want is answers. Answers to all my questions, that apparently I should never have asked to begin with. So while you sit there having a good time with your girlfriend and all her friends, and whoever else you’re with…

Remember me.

Remember us.

Remember the things we did together.

Remember how we used to talk every day for hours upon hours.

Remember how you said you loved me.

Remember how you said you’d never leave.

Remember how you even proposed to me,

when I was a mere 13 years old.

Remember it all-

every single little tear jerking detail.

And when you look back on it, I hope you feel like s***. That’s what I feel like. I mean, obviously I did something or said something to make you do this to me- to us… However, I’ll never know what this thing I speak of is. Because you don’t ask. You don’t care. Did you ever? Wait. I’ll answer it myself rather than waiting eternity for you. The answer? No. No, no, no, to everything. So although you’re not worth my tears anymore, I still miss you, and the tears will continue to flow. You know, the ones you used to wipe away and kiss my cheek, assuring me that it’ll all be all right… Some questions are better left to rot away, and that’s just what I’ll do with these; these questions will remain unanswered because that’s what’s best for me.

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