A Rock and a Hard Place

October 3, 2010
By Boredmanstudio BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Boredmanstudio BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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“Remember how we used to have snowball fights outside right after school?” I said
“Fights? We Just Threw Snowballs at Each Other for fun!” Said Kevin.
“Isn’t that What a Snowball Fight is you Duck?”
“I suppose so But what Makes you think that I would really remember all the way back when we were neighbors and used to be rivals and throw not only snowballs but unpleasant material balls too!”
“Aha! So you do remember?”
“Nope, doesn’t ring a bell”

Me and my best friend Kevin are going on a train ride through the Alaskan wasteland on a little vacation trip. We’ve up to our necks in Paperwork, might as well have a little fun every once in a while. We’re planning on going from Valdez to Anchorage, so we can chill out and talk about girls, Video games, usual Guy Stuff. Little did we know... this won’t be a simple vacation, but a hell of an adventure for both of us..
“CRRREEEEAAAK!” The Bottom of the train started shaking, the deck started wobbling, I couldn’t think of anything but screaming at the top of my lungs..
“Hang On To Something!”

Screams of terror covered the train, me and Kevin Holding on to deer life while the train wobbled and bounced for a while. I blacked out. Eventually I woke up in a warzone... The Train had fallen off the tracks and Just gotten destroyed in the impact… I felt this astounding pain on my right leg… I looked down and there is blood… and a lot of it, just gushing out of my right shin.
“That’s my blood, that’s a lot of my blood”

I look around for Kevin but have no visual impact on him or anyone else… In an attempt to get out of the wreak, I just so happen to limp my way out of the train and into the cold barren wasteland of Alaska… I hear a voice, it sounds like Kevin!
“Jack? Jack are you there? I can’t see! Where are you?”
“Kevin! I’m coming for ‘ya”

In an extreme attempt to safe Kevin, I reach him and realize he’s just fine! Just a bit of cuts and bruises from the crash but nothing serious. I try to let him know I’m alright for now but he just keeps talking and worrying about something.
“Jack! Jack! I can’t see anything! I’m blind! The impact on my head must’ve triggered something to have made me lose my sight.”
“No that’s crazy” I said. “How can you be blind? Look let’s get back in the train, at least its warmer than being out here in this blizzard.”

I walk Kevin to the train wreak and try to comfort him somewhere warm with the blanket I took from my mom while she slept. After I got him rested, I tried to get my wound healed, not only is it deep, but this intense Cold is not going to help me with my fractured shin. I reach for my med-kit and wrap my leg in my bandage to hold back the bleeding a bit. I go back to Kevin.
“Hey, Buddy, How do ‘ya feel?”
He responded. “Cold, hungry, Blind, and hurt, yea I feel great!”
“Ok I’m Still trying to figure out what’s the problem with you vision, so it’s not the blizzard, it’s really your eyes. How many fingers am I holding?”
“Is this really the right time for that?”
“No your right… we have to stay warm or Mr. Hypothermia will kill us at any moment.”
“I agree… but I don’t think I can do much, is there any pieces of broken wood there I can use as a cane?”
I Look around and find nothing but flipped tables and bodies just lying there…
“You wouldn’t want to see at what I’m looking at Kev; it would really make you blind, you need some hot water?”
“That would really help, Thanks.” He responded.

After painstaking hours of Agony and emotion on our shoulders, we just can’t seem to realize how lucky we are for actually surviving this accident… We laugh… not at the crash, but at the idea…
“Imagine that… just two boys… compared to all the rich famous people on this train… call me corny, but I think this is a sign” Said Kevin.
“They gave me this blindness for a reason, I was given this… to look at life… how it looks like on the inside… instead of seeing its true face.. Its horrifying face.”

The Pain attacks me again, but this time I don’t think it’s the cuts, it’s the cold… I need to get warmth and quick if not, I’ll most likely end up in the kingdom of heaven and a resident and not a visitor. I try to find a blanket of some sort… suddenly…
“Jack, take my jacket… you’ll need it more than I do…” Said Kevin.

I sat next to him.
“Are you crazy? You’ll freeze to death!”
“You’ve kept me warm for the past 5 hours… I think I can handle a breeze.”

I take Kevin’s jacket and put it on, it really helps me, and I begin to feel small heat that came from Kevin’s body… that b****** really think he can just give me his jacket and get away feeling all cool and warm? That makes me laugh… Its Night and the real cold kicks in… -9* F. we can do nothing but wait and hope…
“Jack… Can you do me a favor?” Said Kevin.
“Anything man what’s wrong?”
“It sounds odd but… I need you to hold my hand… I might not make it… but at least I know that I’ll die with my best-friend next to me.”

I give him my hand and we both fall dead asleep….
“Swaswaswaswaswa” The sound of helicopter propellers roar over me…
I start to cry, and I go to Kevin.
“Kevin Kevin, Open your eyes and see this… Buddy… We’re going home…”

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