My first crush.

October 3, 2010
By dizzydoo BRONZE, Grand Mound, Iowa
dizzydoo BRONZE, Grand Mound, Iowa
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Every school has that one kid. That one kid who is smarter than the rest of us and who nobody knows all that well. Miles was that one kid at our school until this year. When he suddenly didn’t show up the first day of school. Now not everybody noticed, actually no one but me noticed he was gone. Now you may be asking why does this girl care, why does this girl who is nothing like Miles care why he is gone? Well ever since second grade when I moved here I was what you would call Miles “locker buddy”. We always had lockers right next to one another. Again why a girl who just happened to be Miles locker buddy care why he was gone, well I will tell you a secret I kind of had this little tinny crush on Miles for about two years. I never told anyone this before because why would a smart, pretty, popular girl have a crush on this little skinny, unpopular boy, who also had this weird thing about peoples last words? Well see I really did not mean for it to happen but one day I was talking to Miles before the bell rang for lunch, about my famous person I got for a project in history only because I happened to be his locker buddy, and he just happened to know her last words and I don’t really know why but I felt right then and there a tug in my heart to know more about him.
I didn’t know right away what happened to him, but believe me I heard the rumors and some of them were not very nice. Oh you heard them but not until the teachers started to ask why he wasn’t in class that’s when people started to notice that he was gone. It was not just me anymore. But if you count out the teachers I was the only one who really cared that he was gone. Now back to the rumors some were nice thoughts and others weren’t. Some of the nicer ones were that he was gone to celebrate his grandma’s 100th birthday, or he was in the hospital because his mom was going to have a baby. But some of the others were horrible they said that he was in the hospital because the cops shot him because he was dealing drugs or that he killed himself over the summer. But there was this one rumor that he had gone to some boarding school in some town somewhere, now that rumor I believed.
So one day out of the blue I got the nerve up to go ask Miles parents were he was, and believe me it was kind of hard to do cause who wants to talk to another person’s parents when that other person isn’t around. So I walked up to the door and knocked. Some lady opened the door, which I assume was Miles mom who by the way did not look like she was or has been pregnant.
“Hello can I help you?” she asked so sweetly
“Yes, umm are you Miles mom?”
“Yes I am dear, are you one of his friends from school?” she asked looking hopeful
“Well not exactly, but I was wondering why he hasn’t been in school. All the teachers don’t know and the kids are making up some pretty wild rumors and I was just wondering because I got assigned to do a project with him.” I lied
“Oh, no dear he went off to boarding school for the year darling, and I can talk to that teacher and explain to him you need a new partner if you want.” She said.
“No it’s ok, thank you.”
“No problem is that all.” She said almost sounding like I was ordering fast food.
“Yeah could you not tell Miles that I was looking for him. I don’t want him to think anything was like happening.” I replied to the woman who had a confused look on her face.
“No problem but what’s your name?”
“Heather, Heather Hales.” I said
“Alright Heather I can do that thanks for stopping by.” She said then closed the door.
I knew right then and there I needed to lose all the feelings I had for him and move on. I also knew it would be hard because he was my first crush, whom I might not see ever again.

The author's comments:
this story is based of the story looking for alaska. i suggest that you read that first and then my paper but its up to you. have a great day!

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