The Girl That Watches Clouds

October 4, 2010
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This is a wonderful story of the girl that watches cloud, the story of the class weirdo, the story of my best friend, and the summer I realized who she was.
Stuck in suburbia I had to make things happen, unlike the big cities where adventure seems to just fall onto the hero’s lap and he solves the problem and gets the girl. No, not here, here if ya want something to happen ya gotta make it and I guess that’s how I ended up here on Lucy’s front porch crying.
A couple days ago I thought I could have my cake and eat it too (whatever that means). I know I had a boyfriend but Luke was just so much cuter and besides I thought a little drama would spice things up, you know, give people something to talk about. So it was like I was provided the public a service I should have been rewarded. So I like a lil drama, but I would never admit it.
And that’s why I am here crying on Lucy Monrow’s front porch crying after being dumped. She had been walking home when I ran into her literally, not figuratively. She was doing that weird thing again, walking and staring at the sky. She had apologized for the collision and invited me over for some brownies. What was I suppose to say? No you’re a freakin’ weirdo don’t talk to me, believe me the thought crossed my mind, besides I freakin’ love brownies!
Lucy was the weird kid in school. No doubt about it. Every school had one, a weird kid, the kid who was just a little off. She could never get her hair just right or her shoes tied tight. Lucy always wore a bow in her hair like she was a 7-year old and her mother still dressed her. Also the kid didn’t understand that some things you just don’t talk about. Like, she would always ask the teacher is she could go poop! You don’t say that you ask if you can go the bathroom! And she was always and I mean always daydreaming, just staring out the wind watching the sky as if something interesting would come down from there. And she never hid the fact that she was daydreaming when a teacher would call on her she would reply sorry I was daydreaming. You see what I mean, a class weirdo.
Anyways I’m getting sidetracked. After, the brownies I ended up spilling out my guts to her about the break up and even crying. Why am I crying? This boy didn’t hurt me; I mean I deserved what I got. But still something about the way Lucy looked at me then up at the sky that made me sad; sad that I didn’t have that serine smile like she did. Man! I wanted to have a smile like that. So I decided I’d be her friend till I figured out her, her smile, and the reason why she was always looking at the sky all hopeful like.
And that’s basically the story of how we became best friends. Two completely different people, yet best friends. I think it’s better we’re so different. We balance each other out; we make each other a little more tolerable to the outside world.

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