Hang on.....Let go?

September 12, 2010
By riotgirl1134 PLATINUM, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
riotgirl1134 PLATINUM, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
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It's not about whether I love you or not. That's a given. I live and breathe you. You are my life, my everything. But here we are two years of being together and I ask myself the question, "should I walk away?" It seems things arent the same. So much anger and so much pain. How can I look you in the eye when I know there is only so much I can take and you've drained me dry. My sunny skies are now grey. The one thing that was supposed to make me happy is the reason I cry almost every day. Can I stay and pull through this fight, or do I need to go. I want you to be happy. I dont wanna see you cry, but I dont wanna be crying either. I feel your pain it overwhelms me. I remember the days when all I could see once you entered the room was you. Now i'm so afraid to look at you. I feel like my dreams have become nightmares. What do you do when what was perfect is now shattered. You say you'll change but you've said that so many times before. Does the good out weigh the bad any more? As I consider my options I try so hard not to break down. I know I should leave. Things haven't been right for two months now. But I love you so. Do I love you too much to let go? Can I break your heart? Mine's already broken. What to do?

The author's comments:
I wrote this without going back and reading so it probaly won't flow but its everything I was feeling.

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