The New Beginning

September 28, 2010
By MaryK. BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
MaryK. BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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“Hey! Aiden, get up!” Ethan said in a whispering shout as I was dozing off from crying so hard at my parents funeral. I Sit here, trying to stay awake with an energy drink at hand. When I lift my head up, everyone, everywhere is wearing black. Listening to the piano playing and trying to ignore the sniffling and crying, but can’t, I’m curious of my future without my parents and nowhere to go. I wish that, the propane bottle explosion didn’t happen, not because my brother and I have no home, and our belongings are gone, but so that my parents would still be here.

Now that my parents are gone, Ethan and I have to live with our grandparents who can not even fend enough for themselves to fend for us. I wish I could not feel anything. I want to feel numb, like nothing else can hurt me. After the funeral, my cousin Eric introduced me to his friend Juan who is an addict. To find that he was an addict, it made me think, “He seems like an interesting person…hmm?” I thought Juan was an interesting person because since everything in life was getting to my nerves I’d love to see what the affect of drugs would do to me. That night my brother and I did not go home, instead, we went to spend the night at Juan’s. The three of us pulled an “all nighter”

“Yo, lets go to Juan’s party, I’m sure Granddaddy and Grandma won’t notice we’re gone!”

“Genius, Ethan, I love the way you think!”
When we got to Juan’s house, we partied hard for first timers and drank a lot, at least I did, I don’t remember if Ethan did. At one point, I got so into the party, I took one shot after another for about five shots. After I made the decisions I made, I thought it was “cool”.

“Guys, lets get high!”

“Heck yeah! Wooo!!! Lets get on it bro’s! Party on!!!”

“But, Aiden, Juan! You guys are already as high as can be, lets get it together.”
Juan and I didn’t mind Ethan one bit and made the decision to party anyway. The music played louder and we all got wilder. Even though Juan’s parents were supposed to be back anytime within the next two hours, no one wanted to leave, and the house was completely destroyed.

“Guys, when is everyone leaving?”

“Chill out and have a good time, Ethan, we have another two hours or so until everyone has to leave”

“Where is the beer and whiskey?”

“YEAH! We have all night! Greg, its this way! Come on.”

“Wow guys, this is out of control. Aiden, lets get outta here!”

“Shut up Ethan. Lets have a great time!”
When I decided to stay, I drank even more out of control. When I drank enough, the next thing I know I am sitting in a jail cell, reeking of stale booze and very nauseous. When I realized where I was the cop came to my cell and discussed what the consequences are and said I am being charged for a minor consuming alcohol and destruction of property. When the officer told me that I had to do community service for one day, picking up trash around my community, I realized what a pathetic, pointless decisions I made and that the situation was not what I wanted. I remembered my parents were no longer here and I felt lost, empty and sad. I didn’t know how I was going to deal with the problems and the charges that I was charged with. Last night was fun, yet regretting. I remembered Juan said we could drink some more tonight and I would not stop thinking about it.

I try to ignore the fact that my parents are not here any more, again, I want to feel as if I am not here, I feel ridiculous. My life is completely fallen apart.


“Hey Ethan, it’s Aiden. I ended up in jail, I don’t remember but I’m going to be doing community service this afternoon and I have three days to serve.”

“Man, bro, I’m sorry, I ditched the cops last night and I saw them take you. I was going to defend you but I was afraid to.”

“Dude, how am I going to get outta here? It’s hell!”

“Aiden, I’m sorry, I was speaking to the judge earlier this morning and she said that she is going to help us get jobs when you get out of that place in a few days,”

“Okay, my five minutes of this call is almost over. I’ll talk to you tonight, later bro.”

“See you bud,”

“Okay, time is up Travie! Let’s get to work guys!”
The other inmates and I went out and was picking up garbage for the entire afternoon.

After serving my time for what I was charged for, Ethan and I were sitting in front of Judge Mathis.

“Nice to see you. Seems like it has been longer than three days”

“Yeah, seems like its been a while,”

“Can I have everyone seated to begin this jury” Said Judge Mathis in a cold stiff voice. “Does everyone here swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”

“Yes” said everyone present

When the jury was over, I was beyond relieved. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, yet, I didn’t wish to do it again. Ethan and I were getting around to apply for jobs with my Aunt Cathy. She drove us to McDonald’s for a bite and to apply for a job, after a while we drove to Wal-Mart, Target and Dairy Queen.

“You know, this past week Granddaddy and Grandma were sent to a nursing home”

The awkward silence gave Aunt Cathy the idea that we didn’t really care.

“They are going to stay there for the rest of their lives, can you believe that?”

Ethan and I didn’t want to budge to respond. All I could think of was trying to remember what happened that night I was sent to jail. My new goal was to never drink again, no matter what, even if I felt numb. Just because my parents are not here anymore doesn’t mean my life is over. Aunt Cathy seemed very responsible to keep us on a straight line.

“Your room is here, the bunk bed is for you to share, make yourself at home”

“Thanks Aunt Cathy, for everything”

“You two are very welcome, that is exactly what I’m here for”
We got settled in and a few days later I got a call.


“Yes, is this Aiden Travie?”

“Yes, Aiden Travie”

“Hi, this is the manager of Dairy Queen notifying you that you are scheduled for an interview on Wednesday, September 19th ,2010 at 9:00 A.M. Would you be able to attend?”

“Yeah, sure, that sounds great, thank you very much, I’ll see you there sir, by the way, can I get a name?

“Oh, pardon me Aiden, my name is John Kirkpatrick, you’re welcome”

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