Monster Within

September 22, 2010
By wittylove BRONZE, Danielson, Connecticut
wittylove BRONZE, Danielson, Connecticut
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The creature within her body scratching at every inch of her flesh and bone, tearing at anything in its way to get out. She's falling, tightly holding on to what's left of her sanity. Not letting go, she falls to the ground. The wind blowing the hair in her face, she cant see. She shouts at the night sky, clouds and fog covering the moon. The light is hidden. The branches of trees swaying back and fourth leaving the noise of the dry crumbled leaves. The wind gets stronger now as the night sky darkens, almost pitch black. The creature is almost out, scratching its way up her throat. She's bleeding, coughing up blood. It's her own demon. This monster inside her is from her own existence. If only she would have listened in the first place she might still have a chance. But no, this creature is not stopping, it so badly wants out and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. There's no stopping it. Her demon, not even her own command will work. She made this happen. Do not feel pity for her for she knew what she was doing.

The author's comments:
basically, this is about a girl who did something that she regrets and she wants to forget it, but her conscious is eating at her, she knows she's done wrong and she can't live with it, knowing it in the back of her mind.

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