September 30, 2010
By Anonymous

After the old man died his house sat there, empty. His relatives were supposed to come pick up his belongings and seel the house, but days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and the house sat empty. When my friend Christian brought up the idea, I immediately said no. Christian is an ironic name, because his values are anything but christian. It seems like every time I let him persuade me to do something, I ended up getting in trouble for it. My parents said they didn't want me hanging out with him anymore after they were woken up by a call from the police station telling them they had to pick me up because I had been picked up hitting mailboxes with the baseball bat. Of course Christian didn't get in trouble though, because when he saw the police car coming up he drove away, leaving me standing there next to the dented in mailbox, holding a louisville slugger.

So when Christian brought up the idea of breaking into the old mans house to see if he had anything worth stealing, I declined. He starting calling me a p***y and said I didn't have any balls. He asked what the hell he was doing hanging with a chicken like me, I started wondering the same thing. He explained that it would be simple to break into the back door and scan the house for anything valuable. He said there was no chance we would get caught because the house had just been sitting empty. I said I would think about it just to make him stop bothering me, but I had already made up my mind to stay away from that sort of trouble.

That night I lay in bed thinking about how I didn't want anything to do with Christian. I drifted off to sleep eventually and started dreaming. In the dream I pictured Christian and me walking up to the house, the door sitting open for us to walk right in. As i turned in bed I pictured the old mans house as one big room with a treasure chest sitting right in the middle, I walked up the chest and touched it. Right as my finger hit the wooden chest the lock popped open and it swung open. Inside there was red, blue, and beautiful clear gems. The light shining off these stones was so bright I had to shield my eyes.

The next day I let my dream get the best of me and called Christian. I told him I had thought about it and was down to go look in the house, he told me to meet him at the house later that night. I was so nervouse the whole day all I could think about was getting in the house and getting back out.

At 10:00 I made my way to the back of the old mans house where I found Christian sitting on a porch chair smoking a cigarette, he asked me if I was ready. Trying to sound brave I told him it was nothing. He explained he had already broken off the door lock so the house was ready to be entered. We went in and found ourselves in the kitchen, I started looking through the cupboards full of dishes and assorted cups. Christian asked me who the h*** kept anything of value in their kitchen, and I realized he was right, so we moved on.

As i entered the living room we both starting tearing everything apart, I made my way into the dining room and once again I had to shield my eyes from the shining red, blue and clear lights. For a moment I thought my dream had come true, but these weren't shining gems, these lights were coming from a cop cruiser pulling up to the house. Christian ran through the back door and slept in his own bed that night. Shortly after my parents got a call from the police department.

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