chapter one. ~ letter # one ~

September 25, 2010
from my novel
"letters to anonymous"
i present to you chapter one:

if i thought i was normal i wouldve givin up a long time ago, but the truth is im not.
i never have been.
and i dont mean the good, crazy fun type of abnormal,
i mean the wierd sits-by-herself-in-her-room-all-day kinda abnormal.

one day, a day in the early fall, i dont quite remember exactly when, but i do remember the antisipatian of dying verry clearly that day.
the girls at my school (or should i say preps and cheerleaders?) were particularly mean and touchy that day.
they say hurtful things when i take off my jackets or roll up the sleeves on my shirts.
'what a freak'
'your parents probably did that so they didnt have to look at you'
'how can you call yourself a girl. youre so ugly'
but that day, i'd never felt like strangling someone more than right then.
i tookoff my jacket in english because our a.c broke.
cameron, the captain of the cheerleaders, looked at my arms and stood up, 'oh my gosh! you did that?' she snickered, by this time the entire class was looking in our direction.
'youre the wierdest person ive ever met, honestly, you just need to die, relieve us all from having to look at you.'
i felt my eyes stinging, she and the rest and the class started laughing. i jumped from the desk and ran out of the room.

after i got home that day my mother told me i had mail, i didnt feel like i even had the strength to open the front door, let alone tear open an envelope.
i took it and grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer, my mother watched aprehensively as i slid the razor-sharp edge through the paper.
i sat the knife on the counter headed to my room.
i locked the door and opened the envelope to see anold-looking piece of paper, i took it out and read it:
'dear casey,
if i ever got to meet you in person i would be verry happy.
you have got to be the most beautiful girl i hve ever seen, all i know is that i want to kiss you all day.
i think you are verry sweet, and i know you are wanting to know who i am, but you cant, know one can until i find a way to escape, then i will come and rescue you.
i love you and allways will, even if you dont know me.
love from-

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