I Hate to Criticize

September 26, 2010
By Caity Nowosatka BRONZE, West Des Monies, Iowa
Caity Nowosatka BRONZE, West Des Monies, Iowa
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I hate to criticize but you’re not what I’m looking for in a teacher. You fail.
My teacher glares back at me. She is shocked, that’s obvious. I don’t think she knew what she was in for when she had me as a student. After a minute she looks back up at me not sure if she should laugh or just be straight out pissed. Finally with a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her face, thinking she has once again outsmarted me she asks, “do you have evidence?"
I look back at her not saying anything. I let her value her victory while she thinks she has it. I then slowly pull out an old torn notebook. I lay it down.
I do.
"You see, Mrs. B, a few months ago I realized how incompetent some of my teachers were at teaching me. So even though you always say, “Do something about it”, you never thought that it would come back to haunt you, did you?"
She isn’t amused.
I continue." I graded you in 7 sections. Lecturing, notes, what you teach us compared to what’s on the test, worded questions, being late… without a pass of course, how many nights you gave us to do homework compared to how long it takes you to check it and last appearance.
So let’s get started, Lectures well they were great… When you gave them, on chapters 1-4 you lectured well, but then after that it went downhill, you stopped lecturing and told us to teach ourselves so for that I gave you a 50%. Notes, they need to be easy to read and useful for studying, except you wrote all your notes in paragraph form and then never let us use them for anything. I’m sorry but I had to give you only a 30%. What you teach. Basically you teach us nothing but that to be a teacher of your type all you need to do is sit down and yell. Otherwise we basically taught ourselves and then you checked to see how well we taught it to ourselves. I hate to point this out to you but I merely though it was common sense, your job entitles you to teach, and to help us learn. Refusing to answer questions and giving us lectures even when we beg for them. Well, let’s put it this way.If you had to teach yourself how to teach then you would fail. Oh wait you already did. Wording on tests, you bombed that. No explanation needed there.
Ahh being late, the copier is always broken, and kids are always dying to talk to you in the hallway and kids just you have to reprimand at least 10 of them to feel somewhat satisfied. I understand it's rough making it from the teachers’ lounge to your class in 5 minutes. Unfortunately your excuses didn’t cut it. Seriously, how many times does that copier break? If you know it’s going to be broken then maybe you should have planned ahead and made time for that. You scored a 45.
Ahh, my favorite, homework time compared to the time it took you to check it. Well I’m just going to say this straight out Mrs. B. We had to write a research paper for you in a week, it’s the end of the year and well, that research paper still isn’t graded so 20% for that.
And attitude you started out well and then slowly it just kind of…"
I look up at her. Her face beet red and eyes a mess of fury."Don’t take it personal. You always say when one door opens another closes. You’re just not teacher material .Take it as constructive criticism." I stand up ready to leave before she can get anything out. I make my way to the door. I turn around and with a smirk, I look at her one last time and say "I hate to criticize but you failed in appearance as well."

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