September 26, 2010
By Joel Krehbiel BRONZE, Granger, Iowa
Joel Krehbiel BRONZE, Granger, Iowa
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The life of Chester has gone through almost three generations. It all started when
my grandpa went into the towns drug store when he was only the age of ten. He had
just got done working for the farmer down the road and when he had gotten home he
begged his father to take him into the drug store. “Dad, can we please go now??” my
grandpa had said. His father had given in and they both got into the pickup and drove
into town. My grandpa was so excited he could hardly stand it. Before his father could
put the truck in park, my grandpa was out of the truck and inside waiting for his father to
come inside. My grandpa knew exactly what he wanted. He went down the very last isle
in the store and picked off the shelf a shiny red bouncy ball. His father was confused. He
did not understand why he wanted this ball so bad. They got up to the counter and as
soon as his father handed over the money, grandpa ran straight for the truck. “I think I’ll
call it Chester, after my horse.” His father just laughed. When they got home, my
grandpa played with Chester until his mother called him in to eat dinner. My grandpa
whined, “Mom, five more minutes please?” After a couple of weeks of playing with
Chester, grandpa got tired of him. He put him in a box in his room and forgot about him.
Fifteen years later my grandpa was grown up and married with kids of his own. He was
over at his parents house one day when he found that box that Chester was in. He
thought to himself, “Man i loved this ball and had so much fun with it, I should give to my
son one day. Once my dad was old enough, grandpa gave Chester to him. He acted the
same way with Chester that grandpa did, which made grandpa smile. My dad wouldn’t
stop playing with it, he would play catch with it until he couldn’t see it anymore. Then
one day, something bad happened. My father lost Chester. He was so heart broken. He
looked for Chester for weeks, but he could never find it. My dad grew up, just like his
father, and had forgotten about Chester. When my dad told me the story about Chester,
I decided to look for it. I looked in the garage, looked in the attic, then in the basement. I
remember grandpa had a bunch of dads old stuff down there. I started to look through a
bunch of marked boxes that have my dads name on them. I searched through three,
determined to find Chester. On the fourth box i was about to give up until at the very
bottom i spotted a dusty old bouncy ball that had CHESTER written on it in huge letters.
I was so excited I ran all the way upstairs and showed my dad and grandpa. My dad
was amazed. He couldn’t believe I had found it. So after dinner my grandpa, dad and I
went outside and they showed me how they had played with Chester. I’m never going to
lose Chester because one day I will give it to my son to play with. Chester will be a part
of our family forever.

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