The Unwritten Report

September 26, 2010
By Dronning BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Dronning BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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“Hey, Ryan,” I said, a student at Harvard University, as I entered my dorm room. Ryan was one of my best friends and my roommate. “My history class has to write a five page essay on a famous American. The problem is that I don’t know where to get all my information, or who to do it on,” I said, annoyed and frustrated, making myself so upset I could feel butterflies fluttering around in my stomach.
“You know, those are easy,” replied Ryan. “Everyone knows you do it on a president. You wouldn’t believe the number of books there are in the Harvard library all about presidents.”

Together Ryan and I left our room to go research my report at the dry and dusty library. We entered the library and found the biography section, luckily empty, so we were free to talk to each other without being forced to whisper, as to not disturb the other students.

“How about you do it on Franklin Roosevelt,” suggested Ryan. “I’m seeing tons of books about him.” He took one off the shelf and tossed it to me. I caught it and sat down and cracked it open to see if I thought it could hold my attention well enough for me to do a five page essay on it.

“Wow,” I said to Ryan as something in the book caught my eye. “He went to Harvard, too! It says that other presidents went here also, like Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, but I wonder why they would come here.”

“I don’t know, let’s look it up,” said Ryan. We looked to see if the two of us could find anything interesting about Harvard and why all those presidents would want to come here. I grabbed a book off the shelf that was titled “John Harvard”. It had poor binding, and an old smell, but it was still tolerable enough to read.
“It says that Harvard is the oldest university in the United States,” I said, talking about a website I had just been reading. “It had been founded by John Harvard who was a puritan minister! The school was founded to educate future puritan ministers in 1636. They probably came here because it is such a good school. This website says that Harvard is one of the best institutions for higher learning in the world!”
I was fascinated by all of this, and thinking that the whole school was founded by a puritan minister was amazing.
Since, I wanted to know more about John Harvard, I found a book about him, while Ryan was trying to find books on presidents for me.
“Oh my gosh, he lost his father and four of his brothers to the plague when he was eighteen years old! Then eleven years later he lost his mother. Years later he went to the Americas to escape religious repression with his wife and his brother, who died along the way,” I said, getting more excited with each fact.

“Well it says here that when he got to America he assisted the church in sermons and other pastoral duties. John Harvard died almost a year after he arrived to his new home land, and left enough money for the town to start a college. He also donated all his books to the library,” I said, though I could tell that Ryan was getting bored with me.

“That’s real nice, and everything,” Ryan stated,” but you still have a five page paper to write, without a subject.”
“I already know who to write it on,” I said and chuckled to myself.

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