The Other Side

September 24, 2010
“Why do you always have an attitude with me?” said Lanae.
“Because you are always the one to get what you want and I’m the oldest,” said Janae.
“But that’s not my fault; you have to take that over with mom and dad.”
“No, see what I mean, you always want to drag them in everything I tell you, even you don’t understand.”
“Wait Janae, I really do understand all that you are going through even though I’m 15 and you’re 17, you always tell me those same words, I am in it with you if you would let me be.”
“You’re not on my side because in about five minutes mom and dad will know our whole conversation, all you do is go run to them with everything, you’re trying to take my parents away!”
“Janae, you’re going too far,” screaming and in tears “Mom, Janae is in here telling me things she shouldn’t be again.”
Sadie walked in the room with Jay being not too far behind her, “What’s going on with the two of you, I’m so tired of you Janae always picking with your little sister! You know what I say, punishment…Janae you’re punished for a week.”
Janae replies, “Well isn’t this something new, you both walk in and take her side not even knowing what’s going on.
“Well if you wouldn’t have started going so hard on me for no reason, I would’ve never called them.”

“Girl be quiet, they have always took your side, and they always will, I just hope that my time in this house passes by real fast.

“Hold up one minute young lady that kind of talk will not be allowed in this house, if you want to leave there’s the door and no one is stopping you,” said Jay.

“And I totally agree, Janae you are saying all that about us treating your sister bad but the reason is because you have a really bad attitude that we don’t like to put up with.”

“Well if you would get more involved in my life and start to show me some attention, love, care, and everything else a child needs, maybe, just maybe I would have a much better attitude. “

“With me being the man over this house I say you are talking nonsense and now it’s time for you to go to your room and not come out for a week unless its school time, you’re eating, or when you have to use the bathroom, and this time I mean what I say.”

“I HATE my life; I wish I had another family that was nothing like this one.”
Jay and Sadie walk out of the room. Sadie goes into the kitchen and begins to prepare dinner while Jay goes sit on the couch and watches the Saint game. The two kids, that are now both crying, go into their rooms and think about what was said during the big argument.

Lanae walks into Janae’s room and says “Janae, maybe you should stop talking back and just go to your room because you know how mom and dad are, they won’t give up and I am really sorry for bringing them in our conversation again but you were hurting my feelings.”

“Lanae right now is not the time for you to be talking to me, I’m so mad at you because you always know how these conversations will end, yet you still start them….why?”

“I don’t intentionally get you into trouble, actually I try my best not to but some of the things you say to me are just so mean and at the moment I just want you to know how much you really do hurt my feelings.”

“Well I’m sorry, but I don’t like it that you get all the attention and everything that you ask them for they are running to give it to you. I understand that you’re the youngest child and you never get in trouble at school, but they didn’t even tell you why they do those things for you.”
Now Janae is full of tears while looking straight into Lanae’s eyes. There is so much crying going on by the both of them, but mostly from Janae because she is about to tell her little sister a quick background of her life. Lanae is a little confused at the moment because she is wondering what could Janae possibly be about to tell her that her parents haven’t already told her. There are so many thoughts running through her head and mystery racing right along with them.

“Janae what are you talking about, those things get done for me because I do what I am supposed to and I obey all of their rules and what they say to me. That’s why I try to tell you some things to help you out but you say that since I’m young, I’m dumb, which isn’t the case.”

“But if only you really knew your life background, you wouldn’t think that way. They treat you like that because they want you to fit into OUR family, not YOUR family. Mom and dad…………….”

“Mom and dad what?? Please don’t say what I think you’re about to say…Janae please don’t let that be true…”

“It’s true Lanae, mom and…”
Sadie quickly ran in the room after over hearing their conversation. Sadie ran so fast because she didn’t want Janae to finish her sentence, and she was right on time because she cut her off at the perfect time, right before it all came out.

“Janae, what’s the matter with you?” asked Sadie.

“”Nothings wrong with me but its about time she knows the truth, why do you and dad really treat her the way y’all do go ahead and explain it all to her because I been knew the real reason and have kept it a secret for 15 years now.”

“Mom can you please tell me what’s going on? Why does everyone know something that I don’t, I would like for someone to fill me in on MY life. I thought that I knew everything there was to be known by ME, I mean what is there to hide?”
Jay walks in on the conversation and asks Sadie to fill him in on what’s going on.

“What is all the screaming for?” says Jay

“Well, Janae has told her little sister something she wasn’t supposed to know.”


“Yes, she told her about that.”
Now Lanae is fully in tears crying her heart out wanting to know what’s really going on. She is now in the corner while everyone is looking at each other fussing. Then, she finally decided to turn around and continue the conversation to find out what is it that she doesn’t know.

“I’m tired of asking the same question, can someone please tell me what’s going on?”

“Well Lanae, this was something I didn’t want you to find out at this time. I wanted to wait until you were grown because that’s when I thought you would be able to handle it the most.”

“C’mon mom, please don’t tell me that what Janae was emphasizing is true?”
Sadie breaks down into tears and Jay is trying to calm her down so that she can at least let Lanae know what’s going on. Sadie is crying so much that she can barely get a word out, so Jay goes and sits her down on the bed and he tries to explain the situation to Lanae his self.

“Lanae, what your mother is trying to tell you is that we made you a part of our life. You weren’t born as our child, but we got you when you were only 3 days old.”

“Why am I just finding out about this, someone should have been told me this story. This is probably the reason Janae hates me so much, because you, my parents, kept this very important detail from me.”

“Lanae, I don’t hate you it’s just that I felt like mom and dad was giving you more love and attention than they were giving their real birth child. Its like since the adopted you, they had to give you everything to try and cover it up.”

“I’m so upset right now and I can’t take this, how could you hide this from me for so many years?”

“Lanae, your dad and I didn’t want you to know because we didn’t know how you would handle it. We thought that you might not take it well and we didn’t want a depressed child.”

“Well I’m not going to be depressed or anything I just want to know one more thing.”

“And what would that one little thing be sweetie?”

“Who are my real parents?”

“This was the part I didn’t want to tell you. Your real mother and father are your Aunt Adayshia and your Uncle Will. They gave you to us when you were 3 days old and ever since then, we have been your parents, but I guess it was time for you to know the truth about your life.”

“Aunt Adayshia and Uncle Will, so you mean to tell me that they are my parents and every holiday they come down here they never bother to tell me that they’re my real parents?”

“But Lanae you have to understand that we were going to tell you at another time, they didn’t just want to come out and tell you that not knowing your reaction to it.”

“And I guess they would never know my reactions because I don’t want to talk to neither one of them anymore, and I’m serious.”

“Don’t be that way Lanae, I just explained the reason for everyone’s actions, so please don’t be mad.”

“Lanae, I didn’t mean for any of this to hurt you. We went from fussing to your life pouring out before your eyes. I know that this has to be hard for you, and as much as I tell you I don’t like you, I’m here for you and I always will be….I love you little sis.”

“I love you to sis, and I always knew that you didn’t mean all the hurtful things you said to me, but I also never thought I would hear you confess to it. I would never turn my back on my family, well not y’all. When it comes to my birth mother and father, I don’t want anything to do with them the way they didn’t want anything to do with me.”

“Not to break up any kind of moment that’s going on right now but is this really what it took for the both of you to except each other. For you Janae, your father and I are really sorry for the way we made you feel. In our eyes we never saw how the situation seemed to you no matter how much you explained. Sorry sweetie, now I hope that we can all get along the way we were supposed to from the beginning.”
“We can, and we love you mom and dad,” said Lanae and Janae at the same time.

“I’m the man of the house and I say that now, since our family is bonded more closely than we have ever been, we all go to the kitchen and eat!”

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