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September 23, 2010
Dear Karma,
It’s me. You know why I’m writing so don’t act surprised, I’m here to beg. Please be rid of circles, for what comes around does not go around fast enough, and revenge has taken more than its sweet time. Yes I am aware the higher the rise, the harder they fall, but by now the impact would have surely killed them.
Death is for the lucky, pain is for the strong. Are they not strong enough? I was strong enough, and I am only a small girl. Surely they are strong enough.
Have them prove it, they would want to. They can never be wrong you know. Only the unworthy are wrong. The great are always right. They are great, flawless in their carry, perfect in their lives. But their lives are the most broken. Really? Maybe if they looked beside themselves instead of into the mirror they would see, they have broken so much more then what has been broken for them.
But you know that, you’ve seen it all, and still you wait. I used to have faith in you, karma. But I am left standing alone, defeated, and hopeless. I am yet to find myself again, and I am yet to forgive. But that shouldn’t matter. For you know they don’t want my forgiveness. They should be apologizing. But they never will.
I thought you could change that. I was wrong…
Best of regards…

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