The Break-Up

September 16, 2010
By Shells319 SILVER, Long Beach, California
Shells319 SILVER, Long Beach, California
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"better have never met you in my dream, then to wake reaching for hands who aren't there."

My heart pounded as i walked up the steps to our spot. I felt off, wrong, different maybe i was just being paranoid, a voice broke my internal dilemma.
"hey." I knew that voice anyday, but it seemed nervous. I spun around
"hi!" I said excitedly, but his face reflected his voice, nervous and awkward. "cr*p" i thought."is everything okay?" i asked in an unsure voice.
"not exactly, i..." he closed his mouth and looked down.
"what? you can tell me. you know that."
"it's just that i'm not sure we should..."
"should what???"
"go... out... anymore." he kept looking down as my heart quickly shredded to pieces. "it's just that i don't feel it anymore. I'm sorry." i didn't say anything so he hesitated then walked in the other direction.
i fell to my knees and tears rolled silently down my blank face. he was gone, i had no one. so i just sat there as his words sank in one at a time ripping apart a piece of my heart, or at least what was left of it. where was she? i needed her but she wasn't here. a piercing bell broke my reverie and i stood up to walk to my class. no one noticed me, if they did they didn't say anything. so my dad started again, only this time there was an empty hole where my heart had been, torn violently from my chest by his words.
"love gives someone the power to hurt you." i thought helplessly then i collapsed onto the cold hard cement, giving up.

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