Falling Off the Edge

September 15, 2010
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Mondays, I have never liked them. They just have an eerie feel to them different from any other day of the week. It is not that Mondays are the first day starting a new week; it just might be that it happens that that particular day starts the first day of school
I walk down the dark halls of EastWood Secondary School.
Being the new kid, I have no friends, no idea where I’m going and no sense of what’s going to happen to me the first couple days of school.

I turn a corner and crash right into a queue of 100’s of kids waiting to get their locker number, their schedule, and their homeroom.

“Sorry”, I mumble

They all stare at me with crude eyes.

“Watch where you’re going, loser.” A boy says who looks older than I do. He high-fives a kid in front of him and several other kids snicker.

I walk to the end of the line; tears stinging my eyes and I do not notice that several other kids have joined the line while the incident. As I try to avoid them, I feel something on my shoulder. I twirl around and see a tall girl with big, cheerful eyes looking straight at me.

“Here, why don’t you go ahead of me?”

“Thanks’” I say with a big smile on my face
I wait …, and wait…, and wait…until it’s finally my turn to get everything to start the school year.

My homeroom is art so that is room number…. 367.

“Great” I mumble

Room number 367… that must mean that it is upstairs. I have no idea even where the stairs are. I look around and see the girl that let me cut is coming towards me.

“Do you need any help?”

“Uhh yeah I need help finding room number 367”

“Okay!! Follow me”

I follow her around two corners and there are the stairs. We stop and she faces me.

“My room is on the bottom floor but…”

She takes my schedule and looks at it.

“Hey! We have two classes together. English and math.”

“That’s uh, cool” I say sarcastically.

“Well anyway your room is up the stairs, around the second corner and the 5th door on the right.. By the way, my name is Cynthia. What’s yours?”


“That’s a cool name. Well, I gotta go. See ya!”

I do not talk with Cynthia for the rest of the day. She sat two seats behind me in both classes. I just kind’ve ignored her. When I walked by to go ask the teacher a question, everybody just stared at me as if I was the devil or something. Well, I am a little chubby but most people would just call me plain fat. I know it hurts a great deal but I somehow get through it; if sitting in your room crying counts as “getting through it”

Then one week the teasing just got worse and worse until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I would “play hooky” as some people call it or skip school for a number of weeks.

You know, when you used to be a little kid around 8 or 9 and you had a happy or special place like a rock by the shore or a garden? Well, I had one. Mine was a small bridge that was about 45 or 55 feet high from a small creek, that was under it. I would always sit near the edge and throw pebbles down into that creek.

I always hated my life, no one would listen to me when I needed help, and I bet no one even cares for me.

I now know what I have to do.

I walk behind my house and walk at least a mile and I come across that same bridge I used to come to when I was young.

Since then there is no water flowing in the creek so it doesn’t look as appealing as it did back then.

I can’t back down now. I put my toes over the edge and look down realizing that if I choose to fall I would instantly die within seconds.

Then just when I make my decision, I hear footsteps and a sudden drop. I realize that it’s Cynthia. She dropped her books when she saw what I’m doing.

“Adele! Don’t do it! It will be the worst choice you’ll ever make.”

“Why should I even choose to live? I have no friends and no future!”

“Yes you do. I’m your friend whether you realize it or not. Also, you do have a future. Serving God. In the Bible, it says in John 10:10- “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and live it to the full.” That means that you do have a purpose in life and you should live it to the full by trusting and serving God. Proverbs 3:6- “In all your ways, acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” Adele, you have two choices. 1. Jump off that bridge and never know what God has in store for you or 2. Step away from the bridge and actually find out what he has in store for you and live a full life in God’s plans. God cares for you Adele! I know you can do this. Many people never have the chance to experience God’s love but I know in your heart that you can.”

I step away from the edge and run into Cynthia’s arms

“Thank-you” I whisper.

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NDSSS said...
Oct. 4, 2010 at 3:39 pm
Everybody who reads this.... PLEASE rate and comment i want to know if I should make another story
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