A Family Story Part One

September 10, 2010
By WritingForPeace BRONZE, WIlliamsport, Pennsylvania
WritingForPeace BRONZE, WIlliamsport, Pennsylvania
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Part 1- Erma Lokiles-Stramheir
Being an overweight 17 year old isn’t easy. I try to loose the weight, but that extra piece of cake isn’t easy to decline. My twin sister Kalohe tries to support me, but at her measly 102 pounds, she isn’t much help. I won’t publish my weight in this, the number is too mind boggling.
I live with my grandmother, Pearl, my mom Amia, my twin Kalohe, and my mom’s boyfriend, Ditto. I hate him. We recently took in our best friend Alexa Sweet because of extreme family issues. My Mom always says she won’t marry Ditto, but, I know she will. So she did. Her wedding planning was crazy, we all needed to be on a committee, I chose music. Music seems to be my cocaine. As well as food. The wedding turned out perfect…for my mom. Kalohe and I secretly hoped when the pastor said the vows, she would say ‘I’m not doing the right thing!’ like in the fairytales, but I need to get real, its real life. So immediately after the wedding, our last names got changed, like we‘re married to him, too. I enjoy my original last name; Lokiles. (Low-Kill-EEZ).
My mom constantly denies that she’s pregnant. Everyone can tell! She knows it, too. I find it disgusting that the thing inside of her is Ditto’s. I hate him so much.
I just don’t hate Ditto because he took the place of our dad who left my mom, since she only got pregnant with us when she was 17. He’s matured since then, he loves us and wanted to get back with our mom, but my mom didn’t want to. Ditto always tells me to loose weight and not to eat this or that. I can do whatever I want, he isn’t my dad. He’s also an unemployed bum who just talks on the phone all day. And to who, who knows? Probably his second family, I bet he visits them when he says to my mom “Baby, I’m going to look for a job today, I’ll find one.” Lies. We’re already struggling to make it day by day. So I was Surprised when my mom said we were going on a vacation to China. Why in hell would we ever visit China?
When our plane gets to the airport, it took a 2 hour van ride to get to our hotel. Well what I thought was a hotel. “A freaking village?” I ask when we pull up 2 miles from it.
“Yep. For 5 days we’re going to ruff it out here.” My mom said. How could my mom ‘rough it’? She was the prissiest woman I’ve known. She’ll die out here.
So we took a mule down to the huts, which didn’t have running water, only a pump. Who gets first crack at the water pump?! I’ll save you the suspense, it was me. I guess the fat girl needs to burn off the calories from the banana she had for breakfast 10 hours ago.
After I got unpacked and ate some rice, I went out into the village and saw a lot of little kids. Running laughing, doing kid things. “Hello.” I heard a deep voice behind me. I turn around to see a tall guy. About my age, I could tell he was from around the village. “Oh, Hi.” I smile
“I’m Cabian. Are you American girl?” He asked in his deep baritone voice.
“Oh yes. My name is E-”
“Erma. Yes I know. I saw you mother and father talking to you.”
“Yes that’s right. He definitely isn’t my father, though.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Would you like it if I showed you around?”
“I’m sorry, I have to get back to my family, maybe later though.” I said running back to our small hut.
“Who was that, Erm?” My mom asked.
“His name is Cabian.” I said, smiling stupidly
I think I’m going to like this vacation.

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I got this from playing my Sims 3 game. Not my best

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