The Spirit of the Mountain: Chapter One

September 10, 2010
By , Center Barnstead, NH
The last day of school before winter vacation was passing agonizingly slow. Melissa kept glancing at the clock, checking her watch, and tapping her fingers on her desk while listening to her boring teacher rambling on and on.

Suddenly, her cell phone vibrated. She turned back to look at Zachariah, one of her best friends. He had dark brown hair and sapphire blue eyes. He smiled and winked at her. She slowly opened her cell phone and there was a text from him.

Geez, Mr. Laborrough should stop being so boring, it said. Melissa grinned and texted back, I know....I just can’t wait for vacation!!!!! Then she very quietly shut her phone and pretended to be very absorbed in what her teacher was saying.

She looked at her other best friend, Cody. He was also pretending to be very absorbed in what Mr. Laborrough was saying. Cody was the only kid in her class who didn’t have a cell phone, therefore she had to write notes to him instead of texting him. She slowly ripped of a piece of paper and wrote, Arrrrg! I just can’t wait for vacation! I want to get out of this stuffy room! Then she very slowly reached out and put the note on Cody’s desk.

Suddenly, the school bell rang, making Melissa jump. A rising cheer spread through the room and students started pouring out of the classroom. Melissa waved to Zachariah and kept a tight hold on Cody’s arm so that he wouldn’t get swept away by the wave of students. When the classroom was empty, Melissa let out a huge sigh.

“That was the worst and longest lesson I ever had to endure.” She said.

“Same here.” Zachariah said.

“Me too.” Cody said. “Ugh! I think that Mr. Laborrough has now earned the award for the most boring teacher ever.” Melissa laughed.

“What are you going to do for vacation?” Melissa asked.

“Nothing in particular.” Zachariah said.

“Yeah, I don’t really have anything planned either.” Cody said.

“I’m doing the know, renting the mountainside cabin and skiing all vacation.” Melissa said with excitement.

“You’re just so lucky!” Zachariah said. “I’d give anything to be able to do that.”

“I would too!” Cody said.

“Well guess what???” Melissa said.

“What?” Cody and Zachariah both asked at the same time.

“I’m allowed to bring you guys this year!” Melissa said. “My parents have already talked it over with your parents. We’ll be leaving tomorrow, so make sure you pack your bags!”

“All right!” Zachariah said, jumping in the air and letting out a cheer.

“Ditto!” Cody said, jumping in the air and also letting out a cheer.

“So you guys probably shouldn’t come over my house today. You need to pack!” Melissa said, winking.

“Yeah. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow!” Cody said, waving.

“You too!” Melissa said. “Good luck packing!”

“We’re gonna need it.” Zachariah said, grinning. Melissa trudged off towards her house while Zachariah and Cody went towards their houses.

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