Ha, this is the day i die.

September 9, 2010
By Tiffany_Avalos GOLD, Lorain, Ohio
Tiffany_Avalos GOLD, Lorain, Ohio
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"LIfe is worth a few bumps and brusies."

I looked up as i hear my heart beat, it's slow and nearly is making it though another second. I glare up at the white tiled ceiling high above my face. mY whole body so weak i can't move. I felt so stiff i knew i was dyeing, my breathing became very thin and i almost wanted to gasp for air, but yet i couldn't.
My red headed mother on my right side, i heard her stupid fake cries. all my life i was raised by nannies and then a horrible boarding school. I was only flown over here to this hospital because of my long time illness. She only thinks of me as money out of her pockets, and I'm happy i get to die, it's not like i had someone to live for.
Then i felt my heart stop that very second, but it seemed i was still alive, my mother's voice seemed to be faint, and the ceiling's white tiled was a bit darker then i remembered.My hearing them was gone with soon my eyesight, then i felt a sharp pain go throughout of body. At that moment i wanted to scream, and to me i did, even though my mouth didn't seemed to move.
Soon I found myself watching my birth and memories I've forgotten. All went so fast but it seemed as i remember each of them; the good, the bad, and then there was those sad moments i remembered and never forgot. As it was over i felt myself awake as if i was in a new life, and I'm hoping, wishing, dreaming; this life will be better then the last.

The author's comments:
The end to realize the beginning.

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