Old Enemies

September 8, 2010
On a stormy day Russell is pulled into the police station because he is meeting his new parole officer. The parole officer’s name is Erik and twenty years ago Erik was bullied by Russell over and over in high school. When Erik was given Russell’s file, Erik looked through Russell’s file and immediately had terrifying flashbacks of Russell doing horrifying things to him. In high school Russell took Erik’s lunch money, Russell beat Erik up every day, and dragged Erik to the bathroom to give him swirleys every other passing period.

A cop who pulled Russell into the police station, forced Russell to sit in the chair next to Erik’s desk and the cop said, “Stay here, your parole officer will be here in a few seconds.”
Erik then walked to his desk and dropped Russell’s file down on his desk angrily and said, “Hello Russell remember me from high school.”Russell looked at Erik for a couple of seconds and started to remember all the fun he had beating Erik up and then Russell said “oh yes, hello Erik nice to see you again.”

Erik went back to typing on his computer and typed Russell’s file on the computer under the folder paroles. Russell got bored and said “can we move this along because I’m getting hungry” while Erik was typing. Erik said “shut up Russell”.

Erik finished typing Russell’s file and told Russell if you get one strike you will be going to prison for a long time. Russell told Erik, “ALRIGHT” loudly. Erik called the officer who brought in Russell over to take of the handcuffs. Erik told Russell to meet me here every Wednesday for the next twelve months at noon. Russell said, “Okay”. Then Erik said, “You have two weeks to find a job and keep it or I will throw you in jail personally”. Russell said,” Is that a threat” and Erik said, “NO that’s a promise”.
Russell said, “Alright”. Then Erik told Russell to go and find a job, Russell then left the police station mumbling.

A couple of days later Russell applied for a job at McDonalds and the manager accepted him. Russell went to work in the morning and loved it. Erik was starting to think how marvelous it would to put Russell in jail. Russell went to the police station on Wednesday to talk with Erik, even though he didn’t want too. Erik told Russell to sit down while pointing to the chair beside his desk. Russell sat down in the chair and said, Hello Erik”.
Erik said, “Hello Russell are you meeting your requirement”.
Russell said,” yes I am and I found a job at McDonalds”.
Erik said, “Good now remember one strike and its jail time for you”.
Russell said, “I remember”.
Erik said, “Alright our meeting is over leave”. Russell left the station in frustration. Erik was glad that he left. When Russell left the station he mumbled random words. Russell arrived at his home and went to the fridge and he opened it and grabbed a can of Dr Pepper.

While Russell was drinking the can of Dr Pepper he thought he needed to have more money. Russell finished the can of Dr Pepper and crushed the can with one hand and he threw the can into the trashcan.
Russell said, “Tonight at midnight I will break into a house and steal all there good stuff and sell it at the pawn shop down the street”. Its midnight and Russell sneaked out of his apartment and went to a house a couple of blocks away. Russell picked the lock of the back door so he is not seen. After a minute or two he manages too unlock the door and he walks in the house and a minute after rummaging through stuff the house owner’s dog wakes up, barks a couple of times, and then the dog starts to bite Russell.
Russell says, “Stop biting me you stupid dog.
The owner of the house woke up and called the cops and said, “Help I think there’s a burglar in the house”.
The cops said, “Help is on the way”. After a second of that call Russell pulled out his pistol and shot the dog and the dog died. When the owner heard the shot the owner immediately grabbed his shotgun went down stairs and shot Russell and killed him. In five minutes of the death of Russell the cops arrived.
The cops reported it as self defense and in the morning they told Erik about Russell’s death. Erik said, “Well I guess he punched in his last ticket”.

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Annieboo said...
Sept. 19, 2010 at 2:26 pm
It was interesting. One suggestion though, instead of like Russell did this, Russell did that. Use he once in awhile.
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