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September 8, 2010
By bigballer3 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
bigballer3 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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It was a cold winter day in Colorado there was a kid named Kole who is not the biggest kid you have ever seen. He is in the sixth grade, and he walks to school everyday because its only about half a mile. Then about three or four blocks from koles house was a bully his name was Russell Spoon. Russell was in the sixth grade, but he was the tallest and the meanest kid in the school and he always picked on Kole he would put him in trash cans, throw stuff an all of the rest of the things kids do.
Well one this day Kole was walking to school and the day before it snowed about one foot or so, and Kole was walking past Russell’s house then Kole saw Russell come out so he stared to walk faster and then Kole head some one say his name and he turned and right when he turned he got hit right in the eye with a snow ball that had ice and some rocks in it. It knocked him right to the ground. Then after a couple of minutes he got up and he couldn’t see out of his right eye, so he got up and stared to run to school and when he got there was a teacher there was said was happen to your eye because it was all bloody. Then the teacher called the medics and koles eye was so baldy damaged they couldn’t do anything to his eye and they just had to give him a glass eye.

About twenty four years later Kole is a cop one of the best ones in. he is a very big guy now not a little as he was back in school bench 325 pounds. So there was this one night when Kole was on patrol and there was car speeding. So Kole turned on his light and pulled the car over. The car pulled over and Kole got out of this car and walked to the car and it was a far sized man and said do you know why I pulled you over and all the other things cops say when they pull you over. Russell replayed with a no officer. Then Kole said you were doing sixty sixty in a fifty five can I see your license and regsation an. Kole went back to his types in the name Russell spoon in the computer and then something clicked was this the guy how bullied him back in school so when did some more checking on him and saw what school he attended then it said Joey nulls school, then he remembered it was the kid back in school who bullied him and toke his right eye from him.
This made Kole very angry. So he went back the car and said get out of the car and Russell said what did I do offer. Kole said my eye. Then Kole toke his gun out and stated to pistol whip him right in this eye till it stated to bleed just like koles did. Then he Russell fell to the ground and was screaming stop stop stop but Kole kept hitting him. Then after a couple of minutes koles stopped and told Russell to get up and get out of here before he beats him up again and even worse. Kole told Russell that he never wants to see him again or even here of him.
One week later Kole was at the office and he was called into his captions office and as he walks in he sees Russell spoon a with about five cops around him. The caption asks if the did this to him. His face a black and swollen and Kole says no I didn’t, the caption looks at Kole and say the you did to it because we saw it one the camera on your car. Then the caption said your under rest, and the striped Kole of his badge and gun and Kole went to jail

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