What Did I Do Wrong?

September 6, 2010
By Anonymous

The afternoon was cold. The wind blew hard. I could hear dogs barking everywhere, and an old man playing his guitar in the distance. I was crying and screaming, screaming for her not to go, not to leave me all alone. But she left anyways. My mom didn’t want me. What did I do wrong? I wonder that everyday. They told me she would only be gone for a little while, while she went to get groceries. I waited and waited with tears in my eyes for her to come back with the groceries the strangers had promised she had gone to get. That was 10 years ago. I’m 16 now and haven’t heard from my mom ever since. I know she would’ve came back for me if she would’ve survived the cancer. But she didn’t, she stopped trying and instead, decided to leave me alone in this world. Now all I can do is stare up at the stars, they do wonders. I stare and look for a face staring back at me somewhere. I never see it, but I know she’s there taking care of me like my guardian angel.

The author's comments:
My mom left me for a while when I was small. My grandparents always told me that she was up in the sky sitting on the moon staring back at me and taking care of me. She wasn't dead, but it almost felt like it since I was so small and didn't see my mom for a good 4 years.

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