Between Seasons

September 4, 2010
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It is snowing in the classrooms again. The fiery whips of sunshine still lick at the doorframes, but they're kept at bay by the flurry of crystalline flakes. They cannot enter, they dare not cross the threshold into this ice capped world.

But me? I *have* to enter.

The Great King Snowman is wearing his favourite snake-green tux and loose-fitted pants that sag slightly off his pop-bellied waste. -Why can't he just get a belt?- I avert my eyes, take a deep breath, then step across the Pearly Gates. And they really are the Pearly Gates, frosted over in deep blue, striking to the eyes. Padded so that those -heavenly- Satanic sun-whips can't get through.

The King pushes up his wire-rimmed glasses up his carrot nose, broom-and-mop arms flailing to the side. He grins wickedly at me as I shiver, shuffling over to my seat, my spot, the closest one to the origin of the biting cold. *The AC.*

I could've sworn he picked this spot for me on purpose, just to watch me suffer. He was a bitter King, yes he was. Stuck in his snow-globe with no way out, 'contract for life,' they say. -Serves him right- Sometimes I pity him.

But another shiver races up my spine, clawing at my insides and I forget all meanings of sympathy. He is evil, as is this man-made winter. I glance longingly at the entrance. The air shimmers under the relentless power of the sun and how I wish I were out there instead of in here... I'd much rather be burned than frozen.

My toes go first, then my fingertips. Frostbites gnaw away at my skin and flesh, giggling as they went. Devilish little creatures dance around me, the tips of my ears and nose, nipping and scratching. I dare not wince. Winter weaves baskets of my hair, tying me down and refusing to let go. I dare not wince.

David, the boy next to me, munches on a power bar under his desk. I gulp. -Oh that looks so delicious, I should go get one later- That's disgusting, *disgusting*. Does he even *know* how much *fat* and *calories* are in the thing? I look away, eyes refocusing on the chicken-scratched white-board. Numbers raise their eyebrows at me. 'Think you can solve us? Think again, sucker.' I don't even try to follow what the King is saying.

The wrapping paper of the power bar rustles as David pulls it down further and takes another secret bite, looking around to make sure no one is watching. Ah, but the walls have ears, and the floors have eyes m' dear. 'You are never safe, we're always watching. Every bite that passes through your lips.'

I swallow.

'Fat, fat, fat, YOU PIG! Don't you DARE even THINK about getting one of those. One bite of that and you can wave goodbye to your size 0 dress.'

Close my eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Crinkle-crinkle. My eyes snap open. The bar is almost gone, crumbs littered the floor. David doesn't notice. *Just one bite...*

'NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! FAT! FAT! UGLY COW! You CAN'T! Remember your promise! You promised not to, you PROMISED.'

Close my eyes again. Shut it out, just shut it out. He's not there, he's not there, he's nonexistent. Right. The King is asking his Royal Subjects for an answer. His button-bead eyes flicker over heads, I can feel it linger over mine but he moves on. I breathe out. The voice is gone and I smile. Yet another sin avoided. Almost a week now, nothing more than tea, coffee, and water. I'm slowly being purged of all things evil and impure. I'm being *cleaned*.

'I'm being reborn.'

The alarm sounds and all the Subjects rush towards the door. Swarms of ants crowding towards the breadcrumbs they serve in the cafeteria. The King waves them away like flies, turning back to the scratched-up board. I get up as well, but slowly. My vision blurs as my heart skips, dozing away the days. Steady... steady... the light comes back and I finally reach the exit.

One step, and I'm out. It's summer once more. I bask under the UV rays, letting my frozen body soak up the heat... 'Ah...'

I'm a cold-blooded creature trapped between the seasons with nowhere to go, but I trudge onwards towards the edge of the Earth. And when I'm there, I won't hesitate to take the leap of faith. And then... 'I'll fly.'

Away, away, I'll ride the clouds,
To where the wind can't catch,
To where no eyes can see,
To where...
it'll always be winter, dark winter.

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