August 25, 2010
Rain fell gently and softly from the gray sky in early April. A long dirt road stretched as far as the eye could see in either direction. Several pine trees lined the road, but the most noticeable tree stood by itself at a turn in the road. It was an Oak, older than all the other trees; it stood tall. On a branch midway up the tree a young family of robins had made their home. The mother robin flew gently to the ground where she searched for worms to feed her hungry offspring. Finding a worm, she flew up to her nest where she fed her young. There were three young robins in the nest. They were eleven days old and beginning to mature. The mother flew back to the ground where she found a few more worms, snatched them up in her beak, and flew back up to her nest. Her babies chirped happily as they were fed by their mother. The clouds were beginning to clear showing a pale blue sky with the sun beginning to set in the west. The mother fluttered to the ground again and hunted around for a few worms to feed her still-hungry offspring. Finding five juicy worms she flew back up to her nest and fed her children. A screech rang out down the road and all four robins turned their heads to see what was making the harsh sound.

Sean Jetsan whooped as he turned the steering wheel of his brand new Ferrari. He had just got the car that day and he was driving out to his girlfriend's farm to take her out to dinner. He was driving very, very, very fast. “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker nooooow” Sean sang along to the cd that was blasting from the stereo as he made yet another fast turn. He looked at the speedometer and saw that the car was going 95. “Whoa there doll!” He shouted grinning, looking forward to telling his buddies that he managed to go 95 in his new car. Pushing on the braked he slowed down to a mere 75. The song on the cd ended and the next one came on, shaking his head Sean skipped back to the beginning of the cd and began to sing along. “Hey oh Let's Go! Hey Oh Let's Go!” He yelled at the top of his lungs. The speedometer was easing back up and the trees around him were speeding past in a green blur. The wheels turned quickly and the wind was whipping through Sean's blond hair. He laughed and skipped to another song on the cd. He reached into the cup holder and grabbed a piece of the chocolate candy he kept there. He put it into his mouth and tried to make a sharp turn. He was going much too fast and the car slammed into the big old oak tree that was growing next to the road. Within a second the young man was dead and the car was totaled.

The oak tree had been hit before by cars driven by young men and it had suffered little damage other than a loss of bark and branches where the car had hit. However, when the car had hit the tree small pieces of it had flown all over the place. One small piece of the car had hit the robin nest causing one of the babies to be pushed out of the nest. He fell down, down, down, before finally landing in the the now dead Sean's lap. The mother robin glanced down at him and flew to the ground. She looked around and flew over to the car. She pecked around her son's still body. Finally she leaped back into the air and flew to the other side of the tree where she scooped up a few worms and flew back up to her remaining offspring. The sun had almost set and the sky was glowing pink and red. The mother robin flew back to the ground and picked up a few worms and flew back to her nest where she fed her children and then settled back into the the nest to sleep.

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