August 30, 2010
By iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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It was a cold winter morning, as Anna looked out her window, from her nice warm bed. The outside was completely covered in white. The icicles were hanging off the large trees in her yard. Looking at this scene, Anna became content. It was just so peaceful. In her tiresome, busy long life, Anna wished she would have slowed down and took the time to appreciate beauty like this. A tear shed from her sapphire eye, and then another came. Finally, her whole face was covered in wetness. She was thinking about how she lived her life and realized the only person she truly cared about was herself. She had never even fallen in love. Anna remembered as a little girl fantasizing about her future husband, and the children she would have. She never accomplished these dreams. At that moment she had felt more alone than she had in her entire life. The only important thing in her life was her career. An ache began to develop in her chest. She put her hand there and tilted her head up to the ceiling and cried out, “God, please forgive me for my sins! I am sorry I was away for so long. I will never leave you again.” Then, she closed her eyes, and at that moment she had made her peace. For once in Anna’s life, she was truly blissful.

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