Changed (Chapter Two: The Phone Call)

August 21, 2010
By Betty Shoemaker BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
Betty Shoemaker BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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The ringing continued coming from the room next door. My mom's room. I placed my feet on the
cold, hard floor and walked toward the door. I turned the knob. With a click, it opened. Shuffling
down the hallway about 10 steps to her door, I raised my hand to knock but stopped when i heard
my mom say, "Police department?"
I lowered my hand back to my side and leaned closer to the door to listen. She sighed then said
"What have you done now Olivia?"
I was hurt that she assumed it had been ME to be the one to get in trouble at 4 in the morning.
Well it wasn't but I sure wanted to know what was wrong. "hello?" she sleepily said. I decided to
shock her and walked right in without knocking. "I'm sorry to wake you up at this hour ma'am.." I heard the male officer say, with an axxent that sounded Scottish so when he said "ma'am" it
sounded more like mom. She stood up and grabbed my wrist."It's fine officer what did she do I have
her right here." I jerked my wrist away. "It wasn't me." I said. She rolled her eyes. "Um," the officer
said. " I'm not sure how to tell you this ma'am but your daughter's here we caught her at a college
party we got some complaints about and broke up she was in a room with a boy." "You must have
a wrong number." she said. the officer replied, "Well is your daughter's name Alyssa Lynn
Summers?" Her face paled. "Y-yes she is. what's the stations address I'll be right there."
A slow and silent 20 minuete car ride later, we were at the Police Station.
I'm 13 but i had been to this place once or twice.Both were for being at parties in the middle of the
night with alchol at them.I had never drank any of it though but since i refused to have a fake
liscense to show to the cops my mom had been called to come pick me up afterihad been taken in.
But this was different. this was Alyssa. The GOLDEN child.That's how all her teacher and our mom
acted like. At least dad had treated us equaly.....
After signing some papers and handing over her credit card to pay her bail, me and my mom walked
back down the hall toward the room where she was being held. The bars of the holding cell were
painted white but some parts were dirty and looked closer to brown. Other spots the paint was
slowly starting to peel off. The officer pushed the key into the hole on the one end of the bars and
pushed the door open. It hit the other wall with loud BANG which made me jump. Hudled in the
corner of a cold looking, metal bench attached to the far side of the wall was a girl, who's face you
couldn't see because it was hidden by her arms, crossed over her legs which she had pulled up. Is
this realy my sister? I thought. It couldn't be, she looks so small. "Allyssa?" I said. I meant for it to
be at a normal tone of voice but my throat was hurting because I was trying not to cry,and it came
out squeaky towards the end of her name. The girl looked up. Her hair was a mess, tangled in the
back. Her make up was smeared across her face, eyeliner streaked across the side of her eyes
and mascara running down her red cheeks. My mom said nothing, just looked at her.
My mom suddenly turned and walked out of the room. The officer watched her leave then looked at
me then at my older sister. Allyssa slowly put her feet down on the ground and got up with her
arms crossed across her chest. She walked out and looked at me as she walked by then down and
walked out the same door my mom had. I glanced at the officer then quickly followed them. I
walked up next to Allyssa and wispered as quietly as I could so our mom wouldn't hear, "What
happened?" Her response was silence for a moment followed by her shaking her head as more
tears fell.

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