When you Wake up from High School

August 21, 2010
By SuperxNoodlezz BRONZE, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
SuperxNoodlezz BRONZE, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
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Let me just start off by saying, I’m not muscular, I’m not a jock, and I hate polo shirts. Yes, that’s right; this is going to be one of those stories. Well, the easy place to start is about March, because that’s when everything was coming together, and I was in for a rude awakening. Okay, so March. I was seventeen, a senior in high school. I had just gotten a job at a Wawa making sandwiches, tell me that’s not a pro job? Anyway, I guess you could classify me as an emo kid. I know what you’re thinking, hair over one eye, black make-up, and I probably have cuts on my arms that I hide, but in reality, that’s not what emo kids are like at all.

And I of all people can understand stereotypes, because I like to use them as references for other people too. Anyway, I’m not a stereotype Emo kid, and neither are my friends (Which aren’t all emo kids; I have friends in all cliques). So we’ll start with my closest and best friends. It was Monday morning, and I had just pulled into the school parking lot. Our school looks kind of like a crappy prison from the outside. It’s made up of all brick on the outer wall, and has row windows lining every couple of feet. So I slipped out of my car, a 1987 Plymouth Reliant K. now, for those of you who don’t know what that looks like, go ahead and find a picture of it on Google, I’ll wait… okay, done? Cool. Now, I turned and grabbed my backpack out of the back seat, and locked my doors as I headed into the building. I should also mention that my parking space is about the farthest away from the back doors to the school as possible. Anyway, I walked into the building and headed down the long hallway past the cafeteria and gym. That hallway emerges into the lobby, which is just a huge empty space connected to the hallways. I weaved my way past the crowds of rich, preppy kids, and walked over to the spot where my friends and I hang out in the morning, which is just outside the door to the office.

Again, I was the first person there besides Nikkie. Her dad dropped her off really early in the morning, before even the buses pulled in. She was standing there texting, not a surprise. I dropped my bag onto the ground and leaned against the wall next to her. Nikkie is a somewhat tall girl, with dirty blonde hair, and a very slim figure. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a striped hoodie. I sighed and took a sip of my coffee, which I had EVERY morning. We stood there for a few minutes before Pat showed up. Pat is my best friend, although sometimes he’s a bit of a jerk. We hang out almost every Friday, and he usually gets all the girls when we go out to the Promenade shops, which are like an outdoor mall. He’s a little shorter than me, but not as thin. He also has a bit of a goatee, and his brown hair is really curly. He usually shaves it when it gets longer, but I guess he hasn’t had the time yet. He trotted up to us, and stood in between me and Nikkie, typical Pat. The bell rang and we headed off to Homeroom, chatting about how Nikkie had broken up with her boyfriend and how she really liked him and whatever. She’d get a new one soon enough. Now that’s not to say that she gets around, but Nikkie dates a fair amount of people. After she turned off at the one hallway intersection, Pat and I got to talking about some of the Call of Duty matches we played the night before.

That’s another thing; Pat and I are very avid gamers. When we’re not working, at school, or out on Friday night, you can usually find us on Xbox Live, playing Modern Warfare 2 and Halo. We’re also big fans of Final Fantasy, with FFXIII being the newest one. But enough about how nerdy we are. We turned into our homeroom, which happens to be the one of two art rooms in the school. Our teacher Ms. Gregory sat at her desk, typing away at some email. We waited for a bit while the other kids showed up to homeroom. Another friend of mine, Veronica, walked into the room and slumped into her chair. Veronica, AKA Roni, was someone I’d known for a good six years. She was like me in the sense that she didn’t like most of the kids in the school, but she was way more hardcore with the stereotypical looks. She always wore black pants and a black shirt, with her gothic combat boots. Her black hair was really long, and she also had black extensions put in it. She was a lot more artsy than I was though, and she could draw really well. I can doodle, but that is pretty much the extent of my artistic abilities.

We sat talking for a bit before the bell rang and Roni and me headed off to Government class, while Pat went the other way to Physics. Not a fun class let me tell you. We had one of those student teachers from Lehigh University for a couple of weeks, and she was really small and timid. Which is why we often wondered why she wanted to teach high school seniors, the most unruly, and lazy kids in any school? After Government, I headed off to my study hall. After entering the room, I Met up with Natalie and Chelsea, two girls I’d also known for a fair amount of time. Natalie was Cocky to say the least; she thought she was the talk of the town, and that she was way prettier than anyone else. Now I’m not trying to be mean, but she wasn’t the best looking girl. She was kind of chunky, and really annoying from that jersey girl sense. But she was nice.

Chelsea was just like her, but she was thinner. She was also a ginger, not that that matters but I felt I should throw that information in here. We waited until the bell rang for class to start, and headed off to the library. It’s a quieter place than a random room with a bunch of freshman. That, and we were meeting Hannah there. Now, I have to go off track here for a bit, but bear with me. Hannah and I had known each other since sixth grade, and we were really close. However, I had been barking up that tree since we met, and I keep falling down and hitting every branch on the way down. Needless to say I can’t get with her. And for the record, I wasted six years of my possible dating life chasing this one girl I don’t get, and didn’t get. And I’m not going to get her later on, so don’t think that’s what this is about either.

We got to talking, and that was that. The bell rang and I headed off to some more classes. After fourth period, I met up with Pat and Hannah and headed out to the buses. The three of us go to Tech, yes, we’re techies. Anyway, we headed off to the school, and sat down to eat lunch with Ian. He was the typical stereotype nerd of the group, but we liked him all the same. He was big into those fantasy fiction novels with the really bad drawings of the characters on the front. But he was cool. He knew a lot about computers and that was really helpful in certain situations.

Lunch ended and we went our separate ways, and off to class. Hannah was in Drafting, yes, designing houses. Pat was in Electronics Engineering, which is making light switches and circuit boards. Ian does HVAC, and I’m in Culinary. I hate this class with a passion, because it’s not what I want to do with my life. I thought I did, but after three years go by and you realize it’s not for you, you can’t really quit. Not to mention one of the teachers is a total ******. I don’t listen to him at all, and I don’t like him for that matter. I just worked around lazily until the bell rang at 2:45. I got back on the bus and rode home. After getting off, I walked to my car with Hannah and dropped her off at home. It was Monday so I didn’t have to work that night, so I went home and got on Xbox with Pat until about ten. I fell asleep shortly after, and it was all going to begin again the next day.

Now that all the introductions are out of the way, I can get down to the actual story, which begins roughly next week when I feel like writing about it :P

The author's comments:
this piece is the first in a series i will write, it's about how high school sucks, and about what happens in the months after you graduate. it's about friendships that last, and people you thought you knew.

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