Changed (Chapter One: The Dream)

August 21, 2010
By Betty Shoemaker BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
Betty Shoemaker BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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"i love my sister 'livia" was written on a paper hand-shaped picture of a turkey. '97 was written in the back corner. I heard a strange noise over head and looked up to see my sister and one of her friends walking up the driveway. "Get out of the way Olive oil!" the tall blonde next to her said as she crossed her arms. My real name is Olivia but that's what the called me when mom and dad weren't around and I hated it. "Your in the way move!" my sister, Alica, said but I just kept sitting there staring at her wondering what had changed to make her hate me now. it had only been a few years but it felt like a life time. The blonde snatched the paper from my hands. "What is this?" she said tauntingly. "It's not yours give it back!" I said. My sister just looked away and slightly down.

The other girl held the paper in her hand then suddenly ripped it down the center and threw the
pieces in the air. They slowly fell to the ground in front of me but upside down. I went to pick them up but the second my arm reached out, the blonde grabbed it and pulled me forward,causing me to hit my chin on the cement walkway. Tears filled my eyes as i felt the sudden sting begin on my
chin. "Baby." she muttered as she and Alyssa walked around me, up the porch steps, and disapeared behind the screen door.

Suddenly the stinging went away as i heard a ringing sound from far away. It kept getting louder and
louder and until i blinked my eyes and was suddenly in a very dark room with rain pounding the windows and a streak of lightning flew across the sky like a bird of prey after its next meal. It was
all just a dream, taking me back to the days when my sister was 10 and i was 7. She realy had
made that turkey that said that but the rest of the dream was a bit blurry.

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