The Absolute Worst Day Ever

August 20, 2010
By MommasStar BRONZE, Carson, California
MommasStar BRONZE, Carson, California
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One morning, I woke up on the floor; I guess I must have fallen out of bed over night. I got up, brushed my teeth after my little sister Paullina finished. I went inside and grabbed my toothbrush and picked up the tooth paste. As I picked it up, it squirted in my face, right below my eyes. Then mom called us in for breakfast. I smelled the delicious bacon, eggs, grits, toast, and sausages. I had been craving my mom’s breakfast all week. I got my plate and sat at the table. “Morning”, my big sis, Pamela and my brother Rick greeted. “Mornin’”, I replied. At that time my youngest brother Ray came in, so we were all at the table. As soon as I was about to eat and put my fork in my plate... it dropped. “AHH man!” I yelled. “Honey, I’ll make you some more”, my mom said. “No, mom its okay I’ll just eat cereal”, I said sighing. Today was turning out to be lame. I fixed myself a bowl of Apple Jacks and went up to my room and played my PSP for a little. I tried to turn on my TV, but it didn’t turn on. Oh god, I thought. Why is everything so unusual today?

Later, I went to my friend’s house. On the way, a kid threw a rock at a bee hive right above me as I was walking. The swarm of bees came straight for me. I ran for my life, I went down a corner headed for the park, Nathan Park and they still followed me. I jumped in a fountain. They finally were out of sight. I wanted to go back and kill that little kid. Soon when I was at Spencer’s house I rang the door bell dripping wet.

Spencer came to the door. “Don’t ask.” I said as the water trickled off my hair. Spencer didn’t ask he just tossed me a towel and I dried my self off. This day couldn’t get any worse. I just wanted to go home and curl up in a little ball. “So want to play Xbox?” Spencer asked. “No I just might break that too. Sorry Spen it’s just everything’s been so unusual today. I explained. I’m just going to go home.” I said. “Alright I understand.” Spencer laughed.

“Check ya’ later.” I said. As I was on my way home, I fell into a bush just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Soon, when I was home my little bro answered the door. “Ummm, you got some leaves in your hair.” He said. “Thank you.” I said sarcastically. Later, it was about 6:05 I went to my mom’s room to get the lotion, because I was just getting out the shower. “What’s wrong sweetie?” Mom asked. “It’s nothing mom.” I said. “You know I was a kid once too, and “nothing” always means something.” Mom said. “It’s nothing mom.” I replied. “Spill it.” She said wanting to know what was bothering me. “Well, today has been dreadful I’ve been chased by bees, fell into a bush, and much more starting from the morning when my breakfast spilt.” I tried to explain. “Honey, you have to know that there will be bad days, very bad days, and very good ones. You just have to know how to deal with them.” My mom explained. “You know, I think you’re right mom”. I said. Then she handed me a cup of her homemade lemonade. “AHH man!” I yelled. The lemonade had spilled all over my shirt. My mom and I just sat and laughed.

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