Fairy Tales From A Nerd, Chapter 3

August 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Her earth science teacher had anxiously left the room to walk to the King's office. Busy Princess Alana dropped her pencil. She looked around at the silent room. They were alone. Or were they? The air shivered with the sounds of heavy, clanking footsteps. Distant thunder clapped overhead. Worried whispers filled the room... then Princess Malia let out a shriek.
A black shadow came into sight. "Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy CRAP!" The Princes were crying.
He stepped into the room and removed his wet hood. His lips were blood-red. His face, his spiky hair, was as pure white as a swan. But he was short and thin. The Princes caught that observation.
"Good afternoon, students! I am Drake Vladimeer, your substitute. Call me Mr. Valdimeer. I understand that you're teacher has left for a meeting and left you with work! So, let's hop to it!"
The Princes turned to each other.

* * *

The Princesses and Princes were laughing at Mr. Vladimeer, except for Alana.
Prince Malcolm thought that it would be funny to hoist Mr. Vladimeer up to the fan by his boot straps, like a bat, and watch him spin around and around in the air. Everyone laughed even harder when Mr. Vladimeer began to cry.
"He-e-elp! He-e-e-elp! Pleeeeease!" He was sobbing. "I feel sick!"
"He's gonna BARF!" Prince Malcolm guffawed. "Spin him faster, Kent! He's almost there!"
Alana shook her head with disgust as Prince Kent von Gokurt shoved his body even harder towards the right.
"Buck up, Alana!" Gabriel laughed. "Ya gotta admit, this is hilarious."
"NO. It's NOT." Alana shouted. She pulled a pair of scissors out of her crayon box and walked towards the group of Princes who were laughing and screaming against the wall.
"LET. HIM. GO!" Alana screamed.
"BITE. MY. A**." Kent shouted back. "You wanna get hoisted up there, too? Hey!" He whistled for the guys to quiet down.
"Let's put Dr. Vladimeer down..." Kent groaned. The rest of the students groaned and booed. His hand rose for them to stop. "And let's put NERD-GIRL, UP!"

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