Waking Up

August 28, 2010
Ugh. That's my alarm. Why are alarms so loud and obnoxious? I mean that just makes me want to stay in bed more, who wants to wake up to that? Hah! Take that alarm! The power of snooze! That will make you shut up for ten more minutes.

Ten minutes already? Fine, I guess I'll get up now. Mmm my bed is so warm. I love blankets. They are the best things in the world. There is nothing in the world I'd rather have then my blanket. My blanket and my bed.

Actually, that was a lie. I always wanted my own horse. So I could ride it to school and everyone would be jealous. Or better yet, a unicorn. And it would fly! Why don't unicorn's exist? They should. I mean its just a horse with a horn, right?

Oh my god, I just realized a rhino is like a ugly unicorn! What's up with that? Why do wrinkly, old rhinos exist and not unicorns? And why don't they fly?

How long have I been laying in bed, anyway? I suppose I should open my eyes now. I'll do it on the count of three. Three... two... one.

I didn't open my eyes. I really should have. Okay this time for real. Three...two... DAMMIT. There was a bird outside! It distracted me! Now I have to start all over. This is your fault bird!

Three...two...ONE! I did it! Now what time is it? WHAT? I only have 5 minutes to get out of the house! You know what? I blame the bird.

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