An Old Friend

August 28, 2010
By SHOELACEx3 SILVER, Summit, New Jersey
SHOELACEx3 SILVER, Summit, New Jersey
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I smiled last week you were chosen "Most Beautiful Person". I hope you are happy about that because I still remember when you complained about the way you looked.

I laughed when I read about you denying ever getting a nose job because I was there with you when you decided to look for a plastic surgeon.

I cried in the movie when your character died. You played her really well, a huge improvement from our first-grade talent show performance about the girl who could fly and her unicorn, Horny. We were so innocent.

I shook my head when I heard you got back together with that football player. But, I know you've always been that way with guys. I used to warn you but you'd never listen.

I wondered if you forgot me. Do you remember when we were inseperable? We did everything together. And then one day I convinced you to go to the audition, you were so nervous. You nailed it, I knew you would.

We used to call each other everyday. You said it would be like you never moved away. But things changed. When I called you'd always be too busy hanging out with your new friends and posing for paparazzi. Soon, your calls stopped completely.

Now I see at your perfect, Hollywood face everywhere I go. And if I look hard enough, I can see your old self. The down to earth, funny, happy girl I once knew. My best friend.

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