Torn Between Two

August 17, 2010
It was the first day of school, he was new; he was strangely attractive; he had blonde hair, dark eyes and a killer smile. I’ve always been the kind to fall for the popular jocks but he, he was different and mysterious. The first time we crossed paths our eyes locked, intensely staring at each other’s eyes. His name was Christopher Lysonberg. I was in love with him; it only took me one stare to decide he was the one, the one I would want to be with for the rest of my life. He was in my English class and he just clicked and two weeks later we started dating. He made me the happiest woman on earth.
It was our 1 month anniversary therefore we had dinner at his house. He lived alone; his parents died when he was young. Everything was perfect; he cooked his special recipe of Fettuccini Alfredo accompanied by some red wine. After dinner we sat in the couch, he leaned slowly and gently towards me, grabbed my chin, looked into my eyes and told me I was beautiful, and he kissed me. I felt like the most fortunate girl in the planet. When I got home all I could see were stars.
At school the next day he seemed very awkward and distant, he would barely talk, I asked him what was going on but he replied nothing and smiled but I knew that he was lying. After school I went to his house, a guy answered the door, someone I’ve never seen before; he was the most beautiful human being I’ve seen in my life, dark hair, light eyes, which were hard to tell if they were green or blue, and ivory skin. When I asked him who he was, he said his name was Logan Lysonberg, Christopher’s brother. Christopher never mentioned he had a brother. By meeting Logan that day I could tell he was very full of himself. The next day I talked to Christopher and asked him about his brother and apologized about not telling me and the reason was that he and his brother didn’t exactly get along and wasn’t quite sure why he came back.
Christopher and I went to his house after school and surely Logan was there, I didn’t know why but I couldn’t stop staring at him, his beauty just amazed me. The three of us had dinner, it was very awkward, by that dinner I could tell Christopher was intimidated by Logan, I didn’t know why but it was my goal to find out. I’ve been seeing Logan for quite a while now, he wasn’t as shallow as I thought but he was conceited and clearly in love with himself, but deep inside he had hate as well as Christopher. Slowly Logan and I started having this very deep connection, something I couldn’t help but feel. I knew I couldn’t, I mean I was with Christopher but Logan made me feel like I was taking a risk and I felt safe with him like nothing could harm me; with Christopher our relationship feels safe like there’s no risk at all.
I was at the park with Logan while Christopher was at football practice, Logan and I have become really good friends; he really trusts me in the way he will never trust Christopher and I trust him too. As we were running I fell, he tripped on my feet and he fell on top of me, we stared deeply into each other’s eyes, they were most definitely green, as he leans in about to kiss me my phone begins to ring, it was Christopher.
As Christopher arrives home I tell him we were invited to the cabin at the lake, he replies that he can’t go because of the football game that weekend, Logan overheard and volunteers to come with me, even though Christopher wasn’t very happy about it he agreed because he felt bad for not being able to accompany me himself.
When we arrived to the lake Logan seemed delighted, and to be honest I was happy he was there, he gave me good company. The cabin was so enormous everyone got their own room. We all headed straight to the Jacuzzi, all I was able to stare at was Logan’s shirtless body it was so perfectly made. He looked at me and gave me a flirty smile, I was falling and it was too late to stop it. It was late and we all went to bed, I wasn’t able to fall asleep, all I could think about was Logan and how I didn’t want to hurt Christopher. I felt someone there looking at me and when I look it was Logan staring at me, I asked him what he was doing and replied with a lame excuse that he thought he heard something but I knew he was lying, he went back to his room. A couple of minutes later I get up and go to his room and I stand there staring at him and the way he slept, suddenly he opens his eyes slowly and sees me and asks if everything is okay, and I don’t know what to respond because I didn’t know. We are there sitting in his bed; looking at each other. All of a sudden he started to softly touch my face with his fingers, we both leaned in and kissed, I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I felt sparks, it was the most amazing kiss and the most amazing feeling in the world. After we just laid in his bed, cuddling and we fell asleep.

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