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August 16, 2010
By The_Misunderstood_2 BRONZE, SOuthwick, Massachusetts
The_Misunderstood_2 BRONZE, SOuthwick, Massachusetts
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"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it."

You know those girls you can't stand? You know, those people who will do anything because they have a desire to be popular? Even walk all over their friends, let their grades slip, destroy that goody-two-shoes reputation, and buy expensive clothes just to persue a certain image? Well, I used to be friends with one of them.
Don't get me wrong, she was nice before. She was the spitting amage of her parents princess. Literally. They fed her breakfast in bed every morning. They bought her whatever clothes she wanted from Justice. I guess I can't really say she was nice. She was up until halfway through out friendship, but most of the time she would be telling me about herself and where she bought this and where she bought that. She would criticize my outfits, and at the time I just thought of it as style help. Boy was I wrong.
The truth was that all she wanted was to make me a little more popular to make her that much closer to the school's almighty goddess. I know what your thinking. Don't you want to be popular? The answer? NO! All the popular people***s. They hurt people and other popular people think its cool! They have way to short shorts and even though I'm skinny, there's no way I'd feel comfortable. Then there's the showing off the cleavage part. Like I said, I'm skinny! Skinny and flat! But guess what? I DON'T CARE! I liked me, I still do! Now here's my "friend" who wanted to change me!
So, she was planning on hurting another one of my friends, so what did I do but protect my other friend! Here comes the good part! SHE FLIPPED OUT ON ME IN THE MIDDLE OF LUNCH! I was crying and she had all the attention on her because she was spilling my secrets! At that moment she became a back-stabbing, popular sk***.
SHe tore my friendships apart. She bought things for my friends then told them my secrets. She about ruined my social life! Then she started ruining my friends lives too! At the end of the year she bullied five people NOT including me and I'd had enough. My friend and I wrote a letter to the principal and had our parents sign it as proof that we'd come home crying many times that year.
We sat back and watched as she burned one day in school. But yet again, this gave her more attention.
Then came the online bullying. One day, I had enough of her skanky bully juice. She virtually screamed at me for something I did in 5th grade. I said she needed to get over it because I have. I told her I didn't hate her, I hated what she did. I told her it was time she stopped hurting me and my friends.
After that she complimented me daily! And she apoligized to all of my friends except me! They accepted and even if she had apoligizzed for ruining me, I still would have said no. She's done to much.
Introducing the new me. Her failure made for a stronger me. During our fights, I took up singing and have already won two awards. I pursued acting a little more intensley and have made amazing friends from the plays! I have new friends that are sweet, funny girls. I couldn't be happier!
I guess the point of this article is to let anyone who has been bullied know that they can be strong and overcome it or the can feel bad for themselves. Each and every person is beautiful in some way and all we need is to let each other see that. Some one out there loves you for you. You are amazing, strong, beautiful, and unworthy of hate and misfortune.

The author's comments:
This is slightly true...Is that bad?

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