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August 24, 2010
By Otaku007 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Otaku007 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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It's a funny thing, this thing we call love. It makes us do strange things- things we would've never thought of doing before. It- love changes us. For the good or worse? You decide.

It all started out with a simple declaration of love. Nothing too extreme. We had been going out for two years, it was about time that we exchanged our vows of love! Then came your marriage proposal- not too extreme. Even though we were only 16 and 17 respectively,, our love was true. Naturally marriage was the next step. But when it came to the sensitive topic that still makes me blush, we did hit the extremes...

"Are you horny?" I asked you timidly, blushing, biting my bottom lip in anticipation of your answer.

You caressed my cheek softly and whispered into my ear "Yeah, are you?"

I blushed harder "Yes...what are we gonna do about it?"

You had stopped caressing my cheek by this point and instead kissed me gently, passionately "I don't know. Heather is here" The Heather you were talking about being our best friend. She was seated on the big couch next to us in her own world of music. Not listening to a word we spoke. Every now and then she exchanged a knowing glance with me; I ignored her.

Your passionate kisses burned with desire. It burned holes into my very being. How could I resist anymore?

"So, we can go somewhere else" I motioned to the bathroom as I said this. You smiled a cute, mischievous smile. "Or Heather can go somewhere else?" I could tell by the look in your eyes that the first choice was more appealing. Anyway, what right did we have to ask Heather to move just for us to fool around. And My Mom was home, the bathroom would have been more private than the living room anyway.

"Where do you have in mind?"
I don't know why you asked this, we both had one place on our mind- the bathroom.

"Whatever you want" I said with a wink

You returned the wink and grinned "How impatient are you, babe?"

"About what?" I asked pretending as if I had no clue what you were talking about. Even making a dumbfounded face and twirling my hair around my finger to add to the facade.

"Doing something..." I could tell you were getting impatient by the way you tapped your foot harder every passing minute. You didn't wanna play this game for much longer.

I sighed heavily, was I really ready for this big of a commitment. Something that once done I could never take back. Was I ready to give myself completely to you?"...Ok, let's do...it."

Your smile grew so big and bright that I actually thought that I was making the right decision. I kissed you soft and tenderly then harder, more forceful. You ran your hand through my hair. I ran my hand over your leg. I could see Heather in the corner of my eye , pantomiming a gag.

"Okay, can we go in your room now?" You asked. I stopped kissing you and looked into your deep hazel eyes. We exchanged gazes for what seemed like forever.

"And do what, hunny?" I asked knowing the answer but asking anyway

"Um, play with each other and stuff." You said hesitantly. Maybe in the back of your mind you thought that Heather could hear. Or maybe speaking of this stuff out loud made you as uncomfortable as it made me.

I broke the 'staring contest' with you and looked to the floor with faux wonder "What is 'and stuff'?"

You smiled, a very perverted smile. I wondered what you were thinking about. "You know, couple stuff. I had hands and mouths in mind."

I knew where this conversation was headed, into very perverted territory. For some reason I went along with it. I kind of regret that now that I look back on it.

"And pussys and dicks?" I asked

You kiss my forehead "You bet"

"You liar." You said that you wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. How was I supposed to believe that right now you were up for it?

You rubbed your hands over that area of your pants. Then you grabbed my right hand and rubbed it over your area. I could feel the hardness in your pants. It sent a feeling of excitement and also trepidation that I had never felt before. I took my hand back and looked at it as if it were a foreign creature. Never before had I-or we done anything as sexual as this before. How could we go this far? How far would we go?

"No, I'm so hard right now...are you wet?"

My gaze remained on the floor when I spoke to you "Yeah but you said that you wanted to wait until we were married to do this..."

You contemplated for a little while then finally said "So, we can't just play instead?"

I sighed a sigh half of relief and half of agitation "Exactly, you were lying about having... sex. I can't 'play' with liars."

You looked frustrated. You were cracking you knuckles loudly, an annoying habit you picked up a year into our relationship. "Lie? I'm not lying. It's not sex, It's just games!"

I gave you a cold hard look. This was becoming more than just fun and games. It was the most serious thing two teens can think about doing. Why were you making it seem so damned nonchalant?!

"I don't like playing games?" I said with so much ice that it sent a chill through both our bones.

We sat there in silence until you finally asked "Then what do you like?"

I can't believe that I said these next few words. Even as they left my mouth, it felt as if another person was speaking them for me. Maybe Heather, but to my utter disbelief it indeed was me who spoke them. "I would like sex with you"

You too looked shocked that I said those words. The shock on your face dissipated to a look of ambivalence. "Yeah...likewise but remember what I said..."

I did remember what you had said but I wanted to hear you say them again just for reassurance. "No, I don't remember. Care to refresh my memory?"

You sighed and shook your head "Conveniently forgot what I said?"

"No" I answered tersely

You sighed again, this time heavier, deeper "I said that we should wait until marriage."

I angrily threw the nearest object at you, which luckily for you was a pillow. It hit you in the head. You feigned hurt. I threw another pillow at you. This time you just sat there and stared at me. By this time Heather had turned off her music and stared at us too. "But that's not what you said earlier today!"

You pretended like you didn't remember. "What did I say earlier today?"

"You said 'Um, play with each other and stuff...You know, couple stuff.....No, I'm so hard right now.'" I said in an squeaky, high pitched imitation of your voice. You didn't find this funny but Heather did. At least someone was laughing.

"Yeah, we can play with them, but don't connect them." You smiled acting like you had just solved the riddle of pandora's box. But in reality you had solved nothing.

I looked at you with a puzzled questioning look.

"You know what I mean, babe" You gently took my hand and placed a quick peck on it. Then gently returned my hand back to my lap.

I was tired of arguing with you. If people could make something as beautiful as a child out of sex. How could sex be so bad? "I give, ok. Where do you wanna have sex then?"

"No sex, just orgasms."

I shook my head "No, that's not fun. Only you would orgasm."

"What will make you orgasm then?"

I thought about if for a few moments. Well out of all my other girlfriends experiences only one thing made them orgasm with their partner "Sex, maybe."

You looked at me with bewilderment "What do you mean maybe? I thought that you girls were sure of everything." Heather scoffed at the latter part and gave you a death glare. I chuckled.

"It means I'm not sure" I mean, How could I be sure if sex could make me orgasm if I was a virgin. I'm not psychic contrary to your belief. I smiled a perverted smile. I was catching your pervert, if that is possible? "Only one way to find out..."

You gave a sly grin "That's the best thing you've said all night" I think that you really meant that too...

At this point in time, we both had come to the decision that we were having sex that night. The words were not spoken out loud but they still lingered in the air. Even after we had went into the bathroom and locked the door behind us or after we had pulled down both our pants. Even after we slowly slipped down our underwear or after you stuck it in me and thrusted or after the 37 seconds before you exclaimed that you 'came'. When we heard the knocking on the door, both of us were too scared to even think about what we had just done. We quickly pulled up our pants and underwear.

I exhaustedly told my Mom "I'm using the bathroom. Gimme a minute!"

I mouthed 'Get in the shower', you hastily obliged. I flushed the toilet to make my bathroom trip more convincing and then washed my hands slowly. Milking every second that I had. When I walked out of the bathroom, I tried to keep my composure but inside I was a wreck. If we got caught- I shuddered at the thought of what would happen.

I sat back down on the couch with Heather. We just watched the new anime she had told me about earlier. Everything was going fine. I thought that we were gonna get away with it when I heard my Mom's scream.

"What are you doing there? Get out!" She yelled

You came out of the bathroom, red faced. I whimpered, we were caught, it was all over. After the shock wore off my Mom pretended as if it didn't happen, at least at that time. Heather pieced together what happened and started laughing uncontrollably. She didn't stop laughing for a good twenty minutes. Every minute she would say something involving the bathroom incident.

"You had fun watching her Mom from the bathtub?"
"You are such a perv, I mean hiding in the bathtub?"
"Just wait until we get to school. Everyone will know about you being a bathtub pervert."
"What the hell were you doing in the bathroom anyway?" After she said this, silence engulfed the room. She realized why you were in the bathroom. I could tell that she regretted saying that as soon as it left her lips.

She dusted off her dress, picked up her stuff and announced "I should ugh, leave you two alone?" And with that she left.

The silence was too much for me, I had to break it. "What was the best part besides getting caught?" I asked

You meekly replied "The best part was when it went in, the most amazing texture that I've ever felt. It still has the moistness and stuff on it...your wetness rubbed off onto me."

I grabbed your hand and put it to my chest to feel my heartbeat. You did the same with my hand "Was it supposed to be that fast?"

You blushed heavily "I don't know. Cut me some slack...it was my first time. And it being with you made it all the more amazing. I love you so much, Adeline. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. I wanna marry you. Have kids with you. And grow old with you..."

I smiled and kissed you on the cheek several times "I love you so much baby. Everyday that I spend with you is the happiest day of my life. I hope all of our days will be like these. I wish that we could get married right now but our parents would never give us permission. If only they would change their mind..."

You opened your arms wide, beckoning me to fall into them. I complied, all too happily. We sat like that cuddling until my Mom yelled at you that it was time to go. When you left, she conveniently remembered the bathroom incident. She yelled, cursed and punished me but she didn't break me down. But these next events; they did break me down.

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