Momma is Crazy... And I Can't Cry.

August 22, 2010
Mommy controls me with a remote, I promise!
It's bright... I can't remember the color...but it hurts my eyes. She wanted them to be big and beautiful... Like hers. So, she sent me into the shop to get them redone...It hurt, but when they asked if so I said no.. Then they clicked something in my head and I couldn't help but feel the usual rush of tears... They never come. My eyes are dry... Like the supposed vampires people always talk about. I've never seen one but they are scary... from the sounds of it... I hear people screaming during the nght.. Mommy does too.
Oh yah, Mommy is crazy. Well, to me atleast. She eats. I donno what that is exactly... She puts weird solids and liquids in her mouth...mouth..I move my mouth as I saw her do it and it feels abnormal... I eat nothing. Mommy said I'm like a car minus the riding part.
I remember a while back I was playing with a bunch of kids and well, I'm a 'girl' as they call it so they exspected me to loose the 'race'. I gave in to them and raced, they're terribly slow! I won by atleast 20.74733 feet... It was awesome, but for some reason the boys thought I was cheating then.. All the sudden I was taboo! A disease to them. Mommy, of course, just told me they were jealous... But, here I am ten friendless, not to mention loveless, years later about to begin highschool and I'm a LONER.
I don't understand why.. I'm beautiful. Long brown hair, mommy let me put blonde and blue streaks in, and a baby like face. I look like the models in my magazines.. Sadly my trained eyes can see all the makeup they put on. Yuck. Pounds of it- it seems to me. I wear none...Except eyeliner of course.. and Mommy makes me wear blush.
Getting to my point. Mommy is crazy. She brought in a box... An ordinary box.. With a man inside. Well, he was my age but still he looked like a man to me. He was perfect.. Looked sort of like me. She told me he was my twin brother and I just stared at him. I didn't like him from the start. Everything went wrong with his stupid little intertwinded circuits! He hurt me a lot. His anger seeped out of nowhere with as much warning as a freaking earthquake. He hit me and tore my arm off its... ummm... whatever it is called. He's perfect other than his temper and everyone loves him. He somehow hides all the anger when out in public.. I hate it.
He even hurt mommy. He hit her head and she was in a coma for a week. He steals too, then taunts me on all the stuff he has... Ugh.
I'm going to put an end to this tonight. Either he dies or I do.
I'm sure this is an exaggeration and mommy will never understand... She made him look like her dead husband and me... Like her at the age. I got bored and looked througha book I found on her bed.. it was her diary... There must have been thousands of secrets in them.. How she was away at college for a quick checkup and the train her husband and two children were on where destroyed...killed in an accident. I felt the stupid urge to cry so bad at the tragic story in which I am now intertwined with...
I'm getting the knife to kill him now... Fun-fun... Dang, a knife won't work. THINK. I command myself..THINK.
I twist my fingers around the necklace momma gave me... Oooh I think grabbing a cup of water and a random object to shock him with... Noo.... I decide to grab a bunch of food to shove down his throat. PERFECT.
I tiptoe to his room and slip through the door silently...
Yes! He's in bed... Not sneaking out like usual...
I creep up and turn the switch behind his ear to 'OFF' right when he is about to open his spoiled to freaking stupid eyes.. Or I think laughing quietly to myself, soon to be DEAD eyes... I also think bad pun.. Really bad.
I stuff the food into his mouth(turn him on)and rush to my bedroom to duck under the covers and sleep. Morning comes.. he does not... I made it look like he became curious. Momma had to be taken to a rehabitilation center since she reacted so badly. I just stared, which would have been odd if I was human...I'm not though... Sadly. UGH.
Now momma really IS crazy... She's locked up in thee and some men came and got me... They're hooking my hands behind my back at this very moment. I just stare at the ground...and do what they tall me to do. They're mean and it seems like they might be trying to hurt me but my pain tolerence is high of course and I feel nothing. Infact, I think I might have hurt them... I laugh to myself only to be stared at oddly... They whisper to each other not knowing that I could hear them...
-- Do you think she knows?--
--Yes. Now hurry up, God she weighs a lot.--
I wimper hearing this and ask what should I know... They're shocked I heard and say nothing. I sigh and they start whispering, but in the other room so I only hear bits of the short lived conversation.
--She must...-
--I know---
--Ugh......-- beautiful--
--What... waste...-- A sigh.
I heard an audiable 'no' then a scream... A man scream about to be murdered... I couldn't interpret anything from that conversation other than I was going to be 'unhooked'. I don't like the word 'die'...
I gag when I hear the smell of blood and brek free of the things on my wrists with a flex... My instincts tell me to hide.... My stomach hurts from the putrid smell.... I run up the wall quickly and hide on the fan quietly.... The man comes in... Blood all over his now ugly face.... I knew it was twisted from the fact that he murdered that man... Cold blood murder... I wonder why... Maybe the man tried to save me...? Doubtful.
"Hello?" The man calls.
I'm not an idiot so I don't answer.... Duh. Stupid cop.
A while passes and the cop washes off and calls for back up... He tells them he went to go get something and I broke free and.. he pointed to the covered body now in the living room...
Ahhhhh.. These are 'bad' cops.... I thought you couldn't move bodies... I wince at the term body instead of person.... Man, I need to escape.... I look around and see the window... Blocked by a couple men... The door... Of course blocked. Then... Hmmmm... The closet has a passageway... Why didn't I go there in the first place? Probabaly dangerous.... UGH. I look along the ceiling to see if there's an air-vent... Nope... Just an odd crease... Curious I push on it slightly and it moves. Oooh another secret.... I smile and crawl up unnoticed.
I cover my urg to scream with a gag when I see.... mommy.
I have instant to think before she pushes me through the hole to my immediate death. My last words where a scream quickly cut off by a bunch of guns of which I do nt know the names.

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faeriesdescending44 said...
Aug. 26, 2010 at 8:03 pm
wow. is she like a barbie doll? wht is she?
DaddyzUnwantedDolly replied...
Aug. 27, 2010 at 3:03 pm
She's a barbie doll, have you ever seen 'Stepford Wives' the movie? She's and he are like that but, have their own minds.
faeriesdescending44 replied...
Aug. 28, 2010 at 9:11 am
thats absolutely crazy, but in an amazingly cool way. so wht exactly happened with the mom? i got a little lost there
DaddyzUnwantedDolly replied...
Sept. 17, 2010 at 1:12 pm
She went crazy at the loss of her 'son'. She made him look like her dead husband in her eyes so it was as though he died all over again. She killed her robot daughter as revenge for ruining her little image of a perfect life. Crazy I know. :)
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