Sing Little Blue Bird

August 12, 2010
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“Each and every morning three bluebirds sat on a branch. They sang their little trio to all of those on the ranch. We mustn't say their gender, for that I'm unaware. Just three little birds always singing over there!” Grandpa pointed to a clothes line that looked as if it hadn't been used in a while. There where seven children gathered around to listen to grandpa tell the tale of the blue birds. Now, they had all heard his story before, but it was such a great tale, they listened once again.

“They would sing to me for hours, always sounding oh so sweet. They'd sing to me at breakfast, unless I was eating some form of meat. The three would sing in such lovely harmony.....oh kids I'm getting too old to tell it all in rhyme anymore, do you think maybe this time I could say it like a normal person would? What say you to that?”

Little Abby Woods answered to her grandfather, “Grandpa, It's a lot better in rhymes....and momma says your so old you shouldn't be able to see, she's wrong about that...and Grandpa, so are you.” Abby Wood's mother looked over when her daughter spoke and blushed.

“Sorry Dad,” she said “Sometimes I swear that kid has super-hearing or something... I didn't mean any harm...and Abby, let Grandpa tell the story however he wants.” The grandfather looked like he was about to burst into laughter at what his daughter had said.

“Alright, since little Miss Abby here wants rhyme, that's what I'll give her.”

“Where was I....Oh yes, I remember now. The three would sing in harmony every single day, until one little blue bird got to carried away.” The children gasped with smiles and giggled.

“Not carried far by wind, nor carried by a giant bee,” the kids laughed and repeated his last two words a few time, “what happened Abby? Do you remember?” Abby was his favorite grandchild, although he'd never admit to it.

“She sang a note off key!” The girl-child burst into laughter.

“Thats Right!” Grandpa smiled at her, “The other two did not like that not one little bit. The sun went down and came back up the other two had split!” The children pretended to whine or cry.

“One was all alone now, never singing anymore. Her friends had gone and left her, now all she did was mourn.”

“Now tell us the song you sang to her! To get her to sing again!” Little Jeremy Thomas said.

“I sang to her a little tune to try to cheer her up. My little ones....LISTEN UP,” everyone grew quite, even the grown ups so they could listen to grandpa's melodic voice.

“Sing little blue bird

will you ever

sing again,

I know you are so lonely

and that you miss your friends.

Sing little blue bird

sing all through

the day

please sing little blue bird

I miss your happy ways

A morning's

not for mourning

that's how it used to be

before the others left you

so lonely as you seem

Smile once more blue bird

I miss your

happy voice

sing to me again...

maybe you'll forget their dreadful choice

It seems so hard

to sing it through...

you've tried your very best

but when you are out casted

everything is such a mess

You sang ONE note

off key,

the others hated that

just one mistake

how alone you have sat

Smile my little blue bird

will you ever

sing again

you can sing off key with me,

and I'll still be your friend”

The children and their parents erupted into applause. The old grandfather looked a little nervous yet proud at the same time.

“Little ones, she sang the last verse with me, she did. We sang together every day after that. Soon enough, though she flew away. Never saw that bird again. Was a good thing, I suppose, need to hang around others like yourself. Children, never let a blue bird stay the sad sense that is. Be nice my grandchildren. All that stuff, you get the idea I hope.”

“Grandpa! What's that?!” Abby Woods looked over at the clothesline. They all listened carefully. An easily recognizable tune sang the bird...just before she flew away again.

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