A Dream Named Mike Part 2

August 12, 2010
I heard my phone ringing so I wiped off the tears and tried to put on a smile. Of course, it had to be Emma. She is one of the most hyper people I knew. Dreading this conversation I picked up the phone.
‘‘Hey girlfriend wats up!’’ I said, my voice cracking
“You don’t sound right, are you ok?’’ she questioned
“Of, course I am, never better,” I quickly responded
“So, how are things with you and Mike?” She said
This was the question I had been dreading all along. Of course, she had to ask.
Well……… about that,” I murmured.
“What happened?” She quickly asked
“We kinda…..broke up,” I quickly started
“What!”She yelled
“Well I was going to tell you about that…” I mumbled
“I want to know everything” she said
So, I told her the whole story. It took me a really long time because she kept interrupting me. By the time I was done Emma really hated Mike, She even said it out loud.
“I really hate Mike now.” She announced
I didn’t really expect anything other than that. She hadn’t really liked him very much before this. So, I listened to her go on and on about how I could do so much better than him and all this annoying stuff people say after they get dumped. What she didn’t get is that I know I could probably do better than him one day. Right now thought he was perfect. He was everything that I thought that with him in the picture my life was complete. Well, Life goes on so I decided I had to put this behind me and live my life. School was starting in a week, so I had to get ready for that. All of the early morning and the afternoons filled with homework. The days passed very slowly. Every day seemed to drag on and on. Although slow the days passed and the first day of school was here. This day was supposed to be perfect and it was until I saw Mike. He had said he just wanted to be just friends so I assumed that meant that everything would go back to normal. Everything had been going great, and then Mike walked by my locker. Trying to be nice, I said hi. The thing was, he just kept walking. I thought he probably just didn’t hear me so I didn’t really mind.
After my next class, Mike walked by again and once again I greeted him. This time I knew he could have heard me, but he just kept walking. I knew this didn’t really matter. He was probably just in a hurry and didn’t want to get stuck in a conversation. So, I just let the whole thing go and continued with my day. As the day went on though, things got even weirder. Mike was acting like I didn’t even exist. Even in the one class I had with him, he walked right by me without saying a word while he talked to almost everyone else.
After school, once I got home I went straight to my room and just thought. I thought about everything that had happened that day. I never knew this much could happen in just 8 hours. So many emotions, so many memories. How could a brain remember all of this? Out of everything, the memories were the hardest to think about. My memories reminded me of all the happy times I had. Every memory had a different emotion. The memory that was the hardest to think about was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember the day perfectly.
It was the day of the 6th grade dance. The dance had gotten cancelled for a reason I can’t remember. I had just gotten home from school when my friend, Julia called and asked if I wanted to go over to her house. As usual, I said yes. At that time Julia was my best friend. We would do everything together. Today would be no different other than that Mike and Matt were going to be there. Mike and Matt were 2 of my closest friends at the time.
When I got Julia’s house, I walked up like it was my house, and to me, this was my second house. Right before my mom left, Mike and Matt arrived. Of course, my mom gave me a look. Well, I should have expected that due to the fact that I hadn’t told her they would be here too. I just gave her a cute look and she left.
After all your parents left, the 4 of us entered the house and plopped down on the huge couch in Julia’s living room. At first we just talked. After a while though, Julia and I decided to play Wii because silence annoys us. You don’t really need to know the game, just the fact that I suck at tennis. Matt and Mike finally decided to do something, and of course I was horrible at it. We decided to have a tennis tournament. Now, if you knew me at this time you would understand. If you didn’t know me, well let’s just say that I wasn’t that coordinated, at least when playing any sports other than soccer. Now the sad thing was, this wasn’t even real tennis! We were playing Wii tennis! That had to be one of the most humiliating times of my life. It was a miracle that I hadn’t broken anything. Well, after that we did something that I wasn’t completely horrible at.
Julia and I decided to wander into her sister’s room. Julia’s sister and her 2 friends were just sitting there. Teenagers could be so boring sometimes. As they sat there, we described, in detail, our plan of how we should play capture the flag. After all but getting on our knees and begging, they finally agreed.
So, the teams ended up being Mike, Matt, Julia and I and Julia’s sister and her 2 friends. Now this could have been a normal game of capture the flag, but no, it had to be extra complicated. Each team hid their flag and the rest of the rules were normal. Now, you’re saying to yourself, this is so simple. What’s so hard about that? Well, let’s just say its dark out, there’s a pool, and I’m uncoordinated. Luckily I survived to tell the story.
So, we played for about half an hour we decided to change the rules. Mostly because it was obvious we were getting nowhere with how we were currently playing. So, each team got five minutes to go look for the other team’s flag. So, we all started to look. After a couple of minutes I found the flag. Not knowing what to do I yelled “I found it!” Well, that obviously wasn’t the right thing to do. Mike and Matt yelled “RUN!” Before I could run though, the flag was gone and Matt was on our side of the yard. Well I guess we won that game.
As we walked inside, I noticed my mom and Mike’s dad were here. Well, of course that meant it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes, then, we left. That was and still is the most fun night if my life.
Then, I remembered that this is just a memory of the past, what used to be. That thought really hurt. Knowing what used to be and how everything had changed. Nothing would be the same now. My eyes filled up with tears and the tears trickled down my face. Everything was different now. I had just lost one of my best friends and nobody could ever replace him, or the part of my heart he took. Living on memories didn’t get me anywhere and Emma would probably kill me if I did so I had to try to get over them. I tried to put a smile on my face whenever I saw her and she seemed to buy it. What she didn’t see was that I was hurting. She just didn’t understand. Whenever Jonathan left her she always got him back. I wasn’t going to get Mike back as a boyfriend or even a friend. She always says she knows how I feel but she doesn’t. All she ever does is hurt me even more. She never understands that I am hurting. She doesn’t understand how much he meant to me. Also, I am sick of her calling me a liar, about stuff that’s not even her business. Isn’t a best friend supposed to support you through this kind of stuff? No, instead she thinks she knows everything and she just tells me to get over it. Maybe it’s not that simple. She always thinks she can just tell me what to do and I will do it. I guess I’m a good actor because she always thinks that I actually do the stuff she tells me. Well, trust me I try, but she thinks that I can just talk a little and everything is better. Well that’s not how things work. Anyway, she will understand someday so I just have to go with it for now.
School seemed to pass quickly. As the days passed, nothing changed with Mike, but life doesn’t revolve around guys so yeah, I just had to get over it.
To get my mind off of Mike my life was soon taken over by soccer. As my time was taken up by soccer, my social life started to change. It started to seem like I only got to see my friends at school. Not that it really made a difference. Emma seemed to spend all her free time with Jonathan, so that was starting to change everything. I guess this wouldn’t really be happening if I had more friends.
The truth is that I really do try to be social. It’s just that I have been hurt so many times by now I am just scared that it will happen again. Most people just get over this kind of things, but I guess that is one of the reasons I’m unique. I always believe that a best friend is worth a thousand friends, but a best friend is a lot harder to lose a best friend. Every time I would lose a friend, it took me a long time to get over it. Each time I lost a friend I would always feel like a part of me is gone. That is how close I would be with my friends. It would feel like we are family. Even thought it would take a while, I would always get over losing a friend. This was just like every other time but this time was a little bit different from the other times.
This time I had lost Mike as more than a friend. Well the truth was that I hadn’t quiet lost him yet but it wasn’t looking too great for me. Of course, I was kind of expecting this but I was really hoping it happen. Still, in a few days everything would be back to normal. I hoped.
Since luck wasn’t with me, in a few days nothing had changed at all. Everything was the same. Now that would usually be great, but today it just made everything worse. Everyday always seemed to be the same. What really sucked was the fact that I would have to spend all day at school. Just seeing Mike hurt me in so many different ways. I always wondered what life would be like if we were still together.

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