A Dream Named Mike

August 12, 2010
My life is just plain normal. Usually that would be a good thing but doing the same thing all summer gets really boring. It was the middle of June and I was at the park with my friend Emma. The only reason we were at the park was because my sister and her friends were selling lemonade. Naturally, I got to supervise and Emma had saved me from going completely insane. We had been sitting on the park bench for a while, as the little girls tried to sell their lemonade. To stop the silence Emma started talking about Jonathan. Jonathan was Emma’s current boyfriend for the 6th time. I really hoped they got it right this time. It always makes me sad when Emma is unhappy. Then, we somehow got on the subject of the guy I like, Mike. Mike was one of my best friends and now, I had started wanting to be more than just friends. I had continued talking to him over the summer, which I was happy about. The downfall of that was that I had gotten to know him even more and I liked him even more too.

Suddenly, Emma pulled out her phone and texted someone. I was guessing it was Jonathan but I asked, just to be sure. Her answer surprised me a lot. She hadn’t texted Jonathan but Mike. I almost started hyperventilating when I heard that she had texted him. My next job was to find out what she had said. This should be a simple task but with Emma, nothing is simple. It took me at least 15 minutes to find out. Finally, she showed me. As I read the text I would barely hold myself together. I thought I was going to burst into tears and run home. The text read: “I don’t get why you don’t like Catie. She is crazy about you and always has been. Ya’ll would look great together.” I didn’t know how to respond so I just sat there, trying not to cry. Suddenly, Emma’s phone vibrated. In a faint voice I murmured, “What did he say?” I was afraid this would mess up my friendship with Mike. Emma handed me the phone and I read the message. It read: “Really? I really like her too, but I was scared if we did…..get together then break up it would ruin our friendship. Do you think I should ask her out?” Personally I was astounded. He had liked me! Plus he might ask me out! How much better could this day get any better? I handed Emma the phone and she quickly answered the text. I was almost positive that she had answered yes or something to that extent. This day could turn out pretty good after all.
To take my mind off of Mike I went to see if the little girls were ready to go home yet. They quickly decided that they had sold enough lemonade and began picking stuff up. I caught a quick glimpse of Emma with a huge grin on her face as she simply answered texts. I was rudely interrupted by a car honking. That meant my mom was here. We loaded the lemonade stand into the car then we all filed in. The 3 little girls started to explain, in detail, their lemonade selling experience. It was very amusing. Emma though, continued to quickly text. It was starting to scare me. She had been texting for at least 20 minutes now. How hard could this be? He has already asked out like a billion girls by now! Well maybe only 6 or 7 but still. What was so different about me?
I looked out the car window and noticed we were home. So, I quickly got out of the car and ran up to my room. Emma followed me like a little puppy dog. As soon as we got to my room and the door was closed, the questions started to pour out of me. After a few minutes, I figured out that Emma wasn’t even listening to me. I quickly grabbed her phone and yelled “Why are you still texting him?!” She looked confused. As I looked at the screen of her phone I figured out why. She hadn’t been talking to Mike, but Jonathan. I wished I could have taken back every word that I just said. The thing was, there was no reason. She seemed perfectly content, took her phone back, and answered the text. Suddenly, my phone chirped. I looked at the screen and the text was from Mike. Scared of what he might say, I hesitated to read the message. I finally forced myself to look and I was glad I did. All the text said was “Heyy.” Well that was a start. I quickly responded with a quick “Hi.”Within about 5 seconds he responded saying “What’s up?” With shaky hands I answered “Hanging out with Emma. You?” Emma had to hit the send button because I was so scared. The next text pretty much changed my life. The text read “Do you want to go out with me?” I almost fainted right then and there. I kind of thought I was going to. I had no idea how to answer. There were so many things I wanted to say. Instead of saying anything embarrassing though I just simply said “Yes.”
After that we decided to meet at the park. Somehow, Emma had convinced Jonathan to com so it was kind of like a double date. Even thought we had just come home, my mom didn’t mind that we were going back to the park.
Once we were at the park I spotted Mike right away. Jonathan was with him so Emma and I both walked over. We all sat down at one of the picnic tables, Emma next to Jonathan and Mike next to me. It felt right. Like this was meant to be. On the other hand this was pretty awkward to me because it was my first “date.”
After a while, Emma and Jonathan decided to walk off on their own. They walked off hand in hand and I thought, that could be me sometime soon. That made me very happy. I looked up and my eyes gazed into Mikes. In his eyes, I could see this was new for him, but he seemed happy. Like he knew this was right too. After that, we talked. We talked so much I almost ran out of stuff to talk about. When we finally had to leave, we hugged and I waited for Emma, knowing that Jonathan kissed her goodbye before she caught up with me. Then, we walked home. As we were walking I thought about this day and decided it was my favorite day of summer so far. This summer just kept getting better.
I continued to meet with Mike. We talked every day. Every day I woke up, wondering what the day would hold even though I pretty much already knew. The days seemed to always be the same. I would wake up, text Mike for a while, do what I needed to get done that day, and if I was lucky I would get to see Mike.
The end of the month came quickly and before I knew it, it was July. July brought a new list of things to do. On the top of my list was soccer camp. It was my first overnight soccer camp and I was really excited. As I was packing my bags I started thinking about Mike. I was going to be out of town for about a week. To most people that doesn’t sound very long but I knew that it was going to feel like forever to me.
Things with Mike and I had been going great. We both felt the same way about each other. That made me really happy.
Once I finished packing I set my bags in my closet where they would stay for a few weeks. My phone had vibrated at least 10 times so I walked over to my bed stand and grabbed my phone. I quickly looked through my texts. One was from Mike, one was from Emma, and some other forwards from other people I knew. I responded to Mike, deleted the forwards, and called Emma. As I talked to Emma, I also texted Mike. I had gotten pretty good at this considering that I didn’t want to lose my best friend. Although this was a dream come true for me, my friends meant more to me than any guy in the world.
The summer continued to drag on. July passed quickly. Soccer camp had been amazing. August came around all too quickly. Then came a day I would never forget.
It was August 2, 2010. I was on my way home from Emma’s house. I had just gotten a new text from Mike. Knowing nothing could be wrong, I opened it with much joy. As I read the text though, my joy seemed to fade away. I had to read the text over 20 times before I actually understood what it said. The text read “Hey Catie, can we just be friends?” I wanted to say no but then I remembered what I had told Mike. Well I had never actually told him but I promised myself if we did break up, we could go back to being just friends. Knowing I had to say something I said “Ya that’s cool.” That text was a total lie though. Everything was not cool. I already wanted him back and he had just dumped me like a minute ago. How could I have promised myself something so stupid? Nothing would be the same now. Everything changes. Did he really think we could be just friends? I guess I will find out for myself soon enough. After a while I decided to look at my phone again. Mike had said “Great” and put a smiley face after that. How could he be so happy right know? Obviously we hadn’t felt the same about each other. I had to let this go for a while because I was home. Emma’s mom dropped me off and I walked, well more dragged myself to the door. Once inside, I got to my room as quickly as humanly possible. After I was safely inside my room, the tears started. I just sat there and sobbed my broken heart away. My life seemed like it meant nothing to me now. Mike my first true love. I had never felt this way about someone before. Well, I was only 12 at the time, but half the people I knew all ready had their first kiss. I knew mike could be that special person I had been dreaming of. My dreams and my life were beginning to fall to pieces. Mike had made me feel special. He made me feel amazing because I knew someone cared about me. Now all of that was gone.

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