Secret Victory Passage

August 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Jazz woke to the dripping of water on her forehead. She blinked rapidly and opened her eyes to darkness once again. Her body screamed in protest as she tried to sit up. She was wet and sticky. Her breath became shaky as she began to remember where she was. She looked up the stairs. The only light came from beneath the door. The door was almost certainly locked. She looked all around her but only darkness reached her eyes. She began to stand. Her balance wavered and she reached for something to grasp for support. She hand met the wall. The only sound was the slow, soft dripping of water and the occasional footsteps above her. She felt along the wall, trying to ignore her rising panic. She paused, shakily as the footsteps above her grew heavier and louder. She resumed walking as they passed over her. Her hope sparked as her wondering hands met glass. She peered out the window. There was a large ditch around the window. She had to tilt her head up to see the sky. It was streaked orange. What time was it? She quickly felt around for the handle to open the window. She found it and franticly began to pull. It creaked loudly. She put all her strength into the stubborn handle. Finally with one last shove, it loosened and released the window. She panted and began tearing at the screen. It tore easily and she quickly tore a big enough hole for herself. She heaved her sore bruised body up to the window sill and slid herself through the torn screen.

The author's comments:
This Is a Part of Secret Victory. My recently finished book. I was thinking about putting this as the back of the book. :)

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